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Burning Fight book release show

A few months ago we told you about a Disembodied reunion show to take place in conjunction with the release show for the new book, Burning Fight: The Nineties Hardcore Revolution in Ethics, Politics, Spirit and Sound. Well, the show has now been announced, and it's pretty big. The event will take place on May 2nd and 3rd at The Metro in Chicago. Doors open at noon on both days, and two-day passes are $55 (no single day tickets are available). Advance tickets will be on sale on November 6th. Show organizers say that all proceeds after expenses will be directed towards Rock for Reading and PAWS Chicago. Here's the line-up: Unbroken Disembodied Trial Mouthpiece 108 Underdog Guilt Killing Time Damnation A.D. Ringworm Threadbare Split Lip Reach The Sky Bane Betrayed Blacklisted Have Heart Soul Control The Killer Convicted Harms Way Thought Crusade

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Tinfins 10/31/2008 11:37:42 AM

weener parade

joeyxairborne 10/31/2008 11:37:44 AM

first posttt

joeyxairborne 10/31/2008 11:38:12 AM

damn, foiled!

newsonlygoater 10/31/2008 11:45:21 AM

no emmure, no care

thelindbergbaby 10/31/2008 11:58:19 AM


stuartdbdd 10/31/2008 12:01:16 PM

split lip? like "chamberlain"?

tomgilk 10/31/2008 12:02:03 PM


globochem 10/31/2008 12:20:50 PM

Best show ever, mid-90's hardcore wet dream.

m_kwd 10/31/2008 12:36:51 PM

will be the greatest show of 2009. i will be there.

xchouinx 10/31/2008 12:40:55 PM

HOLY fck !

ARCHITECTkills 10/31/2008 12:53:57 PM

if your 30+ this is a soggy dream come true i will be there fight me gayg0ls

kenny 10/31/2008 1:15:54 PM

might have to go just for guilt. and why couldnt deadguy reunite for this damn thing?

liunifyLOL 10/31/2008 1:19:42 PM

super duper

twadorno 10/31/2008 1:25:18 PM

show of the year/ holy shit at unbroken and threadbare playing.

the_extremist 10/31/2008 1:27:02 PM

In all seriousness.. Like.. Holy fcking shit.. THREADBARE, GUILT, UNDERDOG, UNBROKEN, TRIAL, RINGWORM, and DISEMBODIED.. Will SO fcking be there..

theoldgrizzlybear 10/31/2008 1:31:43 PM

I would love to go to this.

patriarch 10/31/2008 2:09:14 PM


MarginError 10/31/2008 2:14:38 PM

stuartdbdd 10/31/2008 12:01:16 PM split lip? like "chamberlain"?............... I, too would like to ask this question

Kids_wILL_bE_SKEletOnS 10/31/2008 5:52:50 PM

shit's gay

brassknuckleromance 10/31/2008 6:07:08 PM

I just came so hard my c-m came...holy fck...

marching_band_rules 10/31/2008 6:32:36 PM

well......i am going to go to this

sandwiches 10/31/2008 7:00:32 PM

kidswillbeskeletons and haloxxxmoshcore touch each others pee pees

Mid90sHardcoreKid 10/31/2008 9:00:44 PM

*puts bandanna on over dreadlocks* this is gonna be fcking awesome!

anal_blast 10/31/2008 9:03:38 PM

Show of the millennium.

xjustinx 10/31/2008 9:06:17 PM

Yes, Split Lip as in Chamberlain.

cantfakethepunk 11/1/2008 4:00:20 AM

BANE! HAVE HEART! GUILT! shit i wish i could go to this!

dzakillah 11/1/2008 11:07:28 AM

holy shit that line up is awesome, I feel 16 again

khann 11/1/2008 10:31:27 PM

I will be there.

rabedown 11/2/2008 1:07:21 AM

pee pee touches FTW

ManTheRamparts 11/2/2008 1:22:10 AM

"ARCHITECTkills 10/31/2008 12:53:57 PM if your 30+ this is a soggy dream come true i will be there fight me gayg0ls" - if you're 30+, why are you still fighting people......and calling people gays. loser.

eos_emissio 11/2/2008 3:48:58 PM

I will be there, I will hug anyone from LG. No fights, this is a posi show.

pumpgasinhell 11/3/2008 2:01:33 AM

oh my god. great show. Reach the Sky are WAAAAAAAAAAY to preachy during live sets for my flava though. there's gonna be lots of that i'm sure

mikeedge 11/13/2008 8:20:25 AM

will be there

this0blessed0hope 12/13/2008 3:16:20 AM

"cantfakethepunk 11/1/2008 4:00:20 AM BANE! HAVE HEART! GUILT! shit i wish i could go to this!" someone kill this gay

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