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Maryland Deathfest confirms more bands

Friday, October 31, 2008 10:17 AM PT / 5,983 views
Official press release: What better way to welcome in the Halloween weekend than with an extensive list of bands that were recently confirmed for Maryland Deathfest VII? We actually expected a few more bands to be included in this announcement, but sometimes things take a bit longer than expected. We'll follow up with another announcement of a few bands as early as next week, and that will also signify the end of the booking process for MDF 2009. We apologize to those who were expecting tickets to go on sale earlier, but we aren’t able to set a ticket price until all bands have been confirmed. Tickets will definitely go on sale on Friday, November 7th, so check our website then. Just announced to appear at MDF 2009: Bolt Thrower Enslaved Marduk Absu Victims Swallow the Sun Birdflesh The Red Chord Rotten Sound Keep of Kalessin Devourment Trap Them Catheter Agenda of Swine Pretty Little Flower Complete Failure Hero Destroyed Bolt Thrower has released this bit of news regarding their first trip to the USA in 14 years: "Due to the fact that we are not real festival lovers or great fans of flying, the chances of us ever coming to the States for a one-off show was always very small. But after years of relentless emails from Ryan we've finally given in. It's hard to believe that it's been 14 years since we last played in the US, so we are very happy to announce that we are finally coming back. Bolt Thrower will be playing Maryland Deathfest VII, on May 22-24, 2009, at Sonar, Baltimore, MD." Here is a full list of currently confirmed bands for MDF 2009: Bolt Thrower (England) Mayhem (Norway) Pestilence (Netherlands) Asphyx (Netherlands) Atheist (Florida) Enslaved (Norway) Marduk (Sweden) Immolation (New York) Brutal Truth (New York) Hail of Bullets (Netherlands) Abscess (California) Absu (Texas) General Surgery (Sweden) Today is the Day (Tennessee) Swallow the Sun (Finland) Pig Destroyer (Virginia) Birdflesh (Sweden) The Red Chord (Massachusetts) Keep of Kalessin (Norway) Victims (Sweden) Rotten Sound (Finland) Phobia (California) Devourment (Texas) Sayyadina (Sweden) Flesh Parade (Louisiana) Jig-Ai (Czech Republic) Trap Them (New Hampshire) Antigama (Poland) Splitter (Sweden) Grief (Massachusetts) Agenda of Swine (California) Entrails Massacre (Germany) Kill the Client (Texas) Magrudergrind (Washington DC) Lair of the Minotaur (Illinois) Crowpath (Sweden) Man Must Die (Scotland) Gnostic (Georgia) Unearthly Trance (New York) Maruta (Florida) Car Bomb (New York) Weekend Nachos (Illinois) Catheter (Colorado) The Endless Blockade (Canada) Pretty Little Flower (Texas) Hero Destroyed (Pennsylvania) Complete Failure (Pennsylvania) Drugs of Faith (Maryland) Triac (Maryland)

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