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YOB signs with Profound Lore Records

Saturday, October 4, 2008 10:15 PM PT / 5,164 views
Official press release: From the trials and ordeals that had befallen Mike Scheidt (with lawsuits regarding a specific former band name), to resurrect the beast known as YOB was the only natural thing to do. It's been no secret that YOB are once again active, and in turn, Profound Lore Records will indeed be releasing the next YOB full length album. Over the years, Eugene Oregon's YOB have amassed a reputation within doom metal as one of the mightiest, unique and most respected doom metal acts of our time. With experience on bigger labels such as Candlelight and Metal Blade by releasing some of the most crushing and downright gargantuan-like doom to ever seethe from the cracks of the earth, YOB are currently preparing their long awaited awake from the slumber by writing new material that, according to Scheidt, will be the heaviest and most-epic (and naturally best) YOB material to date. As the stress of the lawsuit regarding Scheidt's former band was coming to its untimely end, at the same time as Scheidt was meddling around with ideas for some new music (that was even going to go under a different moniker at first). He then came in contact with drummer Travis Foster and when both decided to start jamming again, the decision was cordially made to bring YOB back to life. Now joined by new bass player Aaron Reiseberg, YOB are currently in writing mode for their monolithic comeback release to be released sometime in the first half of 2009. Nonetheless a heads up for those wondering about the next step in the YOB legacy, the band now joining the doom-ridden ranks of Profound Lore alongside such like-minded doom acts as Asunder, Atavist, The Gates Of Slumber, Nadja, and Loss.

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