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Vanna finishing up new album

Official press release: New England, post-hardcore group Vanna is currently wrapping up recording on their sophomore album, which is due out in early-2009. Produced by Steve Evetts (Every Time I Die) and mixed by Mike Watts, the yet-to-be-titled new album accentuates the band's matured sound, reveling in a elevated mix of melody and hardcore. After a year and a half on the road in support of their debut album, Curses, Vanna returned home to Boston in March where they began writing and demoing new tracks before relocating to Los Angeles in August for a month to record with Evetts. "Working with Steve Evetts was such an incredible opportunity for us," says guitarist Nick Lambert. "Steve produced some of the most influential and important albums for all of us in this band, so having him be the one steering the ship on this album was just mind blowing. He definitely helped us put together an album that we really feel is exactly how Vanna was always meant to sound!" Comprised of Chris Preece (vocals), Evan Pharmakis (guitar, vocals), Shawn Marquis (bass), Nick Lambert (guitar) and newcomer Chris Campbell (drums), Vanna have over four years of touring and recording under their belts now, and have stepped into the studio with a remarkably developed sound for the group's sophomore effort. "The new record feels like a great combination of everything we've done as a band up to this point," explains Lambert. "It has catchier hooks, bigger breakdowns, as well as bringing back all of the gang vocals, and gang singing, varied styles of screaming, and it has a faster more punk influenced vibe in a lot of places that we're really excited about. We all grew up as kids listening to pop punk as well as hardcore and metal so it feels right having the faster paced and more intense feel in the new songs, while as the same time adding even catchier and more pop oriented choruses." Vanna continue to up their game with skillfully written songs and amazing duel vocals. Fans of the group's previous releases will be excited to hear the accessible mix of the catchiness from their EP and the brutal heaviness of their debut full-length, with an added edge of maturity and progressed talent. "I really think everyone will be pumped with the new record," continues Lambert. "It feels so much more energetic than anything else we've ever done, and we've put our hearts and minds into this recording more so than we ever have before. If you were a fan of the Search Party EP or the Curses LP, then there will be something on the new record to appreciate. We feel like we finally had a chance to include everything that we love doing in this band and put it on one album without having to compromise anything. Not only that but quality wise, it's the best sounding Vanna recording by far, and we really think that's going to help translate our live energy to the new record." Fans can get a preview of the album this fall when Vanna tours the US with Ligeia.

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