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For Today wrecks van/trailer

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 8:48 PM PT

For Today has damaged their van and trailer in a Texas auto accident. Drummer David Morrison comments:

"Satan tried to kill us all today and made Brenton fall asleep at the wheel...

"Most all of us were sleeping. I woke to water pouring on me (bottle of water), yelling, a window breaking, tires screeching and blowing, and mega shaking... I was honestly certain we were dead and that we were about to hit something (I was laying down and awoken suddenly, didn't see what was going on).

"We hit the side wall, spun out of control, across the other lane (no cars in the 40ft radius of our huge rig? Ya right, what a God thing!), through the ditch. Lots of popped tires, bent axle on the trailer, $2,000 of body work on the trailer, busted out window on the van, trailer hitch ruined on the van, driver side is ALL scraped up really bad, door is smashed in, both bumpers are effed, front driverside corner is mega effed. Still drives, got the bumper pulled out.

"Van is being taken care of by insurance. Trailer is not - big time financial hit. Pray that the 2 weeks we have to get it done, is perfect and that we get it back when we come back to the states!

"Satan can't stop us unless he kills us, Mexico here we come! The trailer is in Abilene getting fixed, and the van is in Dallas getting fixed... Holy crazy....

"If anyone wants to donate to help us out with our trailer bill, you can do so by buying merch from our online store (that helps), or by donating directly through Paypal to: x712xdamx@hotmail.com"

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