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Killwhitneydead working on new DVD

Monday, September 15, 2008 2:25 PM PT / 3,715 views
Killwhitneydead is currently in the process of putting together a DVD release. The group has issued the following: "We have begun production of our forthcoming DVD. We are writing this letter as we are calling on you, our fans, to help contribute your video(s) of any performance over the last three years of us touring this country and meeting all of you. We are especially looking for shows outside North Carolina as we have plenty of those infamous NC shows captured on film already. NOTE: We cannot accept anything NOT filmed on a video camera at the moment and most importantly...WE WILL NOT KEEP YOUR TAPE(S). Please contact us at TribunalRecords@aol.com and we will get the details to you. We thank you all for your help and support and are looking forward to making this new DVD for all of you."

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