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The Faceless prepares new album

Friday, September 12, 2008 3:55 PM PT

Official press release:

Los Angeles, CA based progressive death metal band The Faceless have been hard at work, holed up in the studio of their guitarist Michael Keene recording their new album "Planetary Duality," due out via Sumerian Records on November 11th. When asked about the concept of the new record, Keene commented, "There are a lot of underlying themes within the album title, the idea that these inter-dimensional beings are from another planet similar to our own and a lot of the development on earth is directly related to their influence. There is also the other layer of it, the idea that we're only aware of the one dimension we exist in but there's more to our planet than that."

The band has also announced a few of the songs that will be on the upcoming record, including "The Ancient Covenant" and "Xenochrist." Speaking on the meaning of "The Ancient Covenant" Keene said, "'The Ancient Covenant' is about an agreement between man and the inter-dimensional beings, sort of similar to the rules of engagement so to speak, between these two life forms." Also on the album will be a two part title track, "Planetary Duality Pt. 1" and "Planetary Duality Pt. 2."

The Faceless have recently finished tracking drums for the release and have just started to lay down the guitar tracks. Keene remarked on the album's progression, "The drums are sounding great! I decided to just go for more of a natural sound with this CD. We didn't want it to sound punched in or do too much sound replacing. When dealing with sound replacing, it's not really possible to replicate. I'd rather get the best natural takes that we can and have it sound real instead of sounding like computer music."

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