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Diskreet finishes writing new album

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 4:20 PM PT

Diskreet has essentially completed the writing process for their album. The band has issued the following update:

"Sans considering winging an in-studio written instrumental, our new album is completely written. We've been holed up here in Topeka for months now trying to write the perfect debut full-length, only accepting local gigs in stride, and doing slight amounts of touring, with not a lot of news popping up otherwise. For you who don't know, we have decided to record this next full-length with Michael Keene, of The Faceless fame. You may have heard some of his productions through not only his own band, but new records from Veil of Maya and Born of Osiris as well, and the list goes on. We leave towards the end point of September to record it in L.A., and we can't tell you how incredibly stoked we are about it. The remaining 4-5 weeks here at home will be spent perfecting vocal patterns, and tightening up on song performance so these new jams can sound 110% perfect when we play them in studio (as well as playing them live); while also playing 1 or 2 shows locally. We'll have more news to unleash publicly when the time is right. Right now the focus is on perfecting, recording, and preparing to present an insane, immaculately honed death metal record."

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