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Paria completes new album

Nebraska band Paria has finished tracking their new album, titled "The Barnical Cordious." The album was recorded at Infinite Studios and is currently being mixed and mastered by Jason "Jocko" Randall (Ed Gein). An October release via Black Market Activities is expected.


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fuckyourxs 8/28/2008 9:33:01 AM

EMMURE! First post

bfresh 8/28/2008 10:03:55 AM

I want to hear this. no vokills.

oopsbrokemyhip 8/28/2008 10:16:25 AM

there will be blood.... i mean, vocals

hardware 8/28/2008 10:47:22 AM

I'll check this out.

SEAMAN 8/28/2008 11:07:05 AM

never heard of 'em.

ThunderThrash 8/28/2008 11:37:20 AM

Good band, good dudes.

al_czervik 8/28/2008 11:43:22 AM

one of the better metalcore bands

NoTalentAssclown 8/28/2008 12:01:58 PM

cool. Now, just waiting on Into the Moat.

corebore 8/28/2008 12:15:49 PM

good shit

bastardiser 8/28/2008 12:19:23 PM

will definitely be checking this out...good stuff here.

exmembersof 8/28/2008 12:23:13 PM

I love the clever use of parentheses. "jocko" also worked on fassw, architect, dance club massacre... but which parenthetical mention will give them optimum scene cred?

asaf 8/28/2008 1:33:25 PM

just bought misanthropos on amazon for .79 cents. hope it actually gets here. if it even exists...

dudeshredthegnar 8/28/2008 2:19:06 PM

SEAMAN 8/28/2008 11:07:05 AM never heard of 'em. ...........that is probably because you 13 years old.

dudeshredthegnar 8/28/2008 2:19:33 PM

*your ARE 13 years old. noob gay

chicken_gang_bang 8/28/2008 2:56:28 PM

*you're I will be checking this out, it's been a long wiat

forumdrama 8/28/2008 3:00:59 PM

I miss this band. They're too great, and got even better when they wrote an instrumental; and after losing their vocalist and went only instrumental, it got even better. Stoked for this release! Get back into touring!

eos_emissio 8/28/2008 3:46:07 PM

Good band and dudes. Psyched for this, awesome bassist.

Flamboyant_Cowboy 8/28/2008 3:59:53 PM

Chris Farley songs.

Splinterrrrrr 8/28/2008 4:45:18 PM

Misanthropos does exist, kicks ass too.

youaresceneasfuck 8/28/2008 5:19:00 PM

For some strange reason, I was thinking about this band today.

baobab 8/28/2008 6:05:27 PM

Enjoyed "Misanthropos", however I don't know if I'm going to even bother with this one. Perhaps out of curiosity. They took so fcking long..

thetowerofrome 8/28/2008 7:09:31 PM

good news.

colorbrown 8/28/2008 9:55:18 PM

the midwest always seems to produce good jams.

brucelee 8/28/2008 11:41:11 PM

fck yes its about time you fckers! fck!

chrisdrumsx 8/29/2008 5:47:44 AM

this better have been worth the wait..

xturtlex 8/29/2008 1:57:28 PM

for the record they do have their original vocalist back. these dudes used to stay at my place a bunch back when misanthropes first came out. will see them a week from tomorrow in peoria illinois.

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