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Baroness, Genghis Tron tour dates

Prior to hooking up with Opeth and High On Fire for their previously announced tour, Baroness will join Genghis Tron and Bison for a handful of shows, primarily in Canada. Here you go: 9/23 Montreal, QC @ La Sala Rossa 9/24 Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace 9/25 Grand Rapids, MI @ Skelletones 9/26 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock (no Genghis Tron) 9/27 Winnipeg, MB @ Royal Albert (no Genghis Tron) 9/28 Regina, SK @ The Exchange 9/29 Edmonton, AB @ The Starlite Room 9/30 Calgary, AB @ The Warehouse 10/1 Kelowna, BC @ Habitat 10/2 Vancouver, BC @ Pat's Pub 10/3 Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven (no Bison) 10/4 Portland, OR @ Satyricon (no Bison)

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evil_hero 7/29/2008 3:16:18 PM

i guess i could go to the portland show.. but i was really let down by the latest albums of all these bands

justinbean 7/29/2008 3:18:29 PM

gayngis tron

j33bus 7/29/2008 3:32:35 PM

same day as mogwai. mogwai wins.

cfv 7/29/2008 3:45:48 PM

ooo no genghis tron on 9/26, maybe will go.

jim_lahey 7/29/2008 3:47:12 PM

Cant believe Baroness is touring with this gay bullshit

poop 7/29/2008 3:51:31 PM

Genghis Tron needs to hang it up.

Ronald_Reagan 7/29/2008 4:12:18 PM

Canadaaaa and gayots!

the_smile_that_kills 7/29/2008 4:13:02 PM

i'll probably go to the 9/24

lordshredder 7/29/2008 4:13:51 PM

Baroness and Bison are rad. Ghengis Schlong should be replaced on this tour.

gollum 7/29/2008 5:17:21 PM


_mapexdrummer_ 7/29/2008 6:13:59 PM

minneapolis fckers

virus_dot_exe 7/29/2008 7:03:51 PM

>:V ¯\(º_o)/¯

hall_of_wax 7/30/2008 12:22:25 AM

more like genghis crybabies fck that band

lounge 7/31/2008 7:00:16 PM

^^^were you up all night thinking of that one?

chas 8/1/2008 10:51:24 PM


Denizen 8/4/2008 2:00:55 AM

Baroness is tight.

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