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Atheist writing new material

Sun, July 27, 2008 9:31 AM PT3,731 views

Floridian technical metal band Atheist has been writing new material as of late, notable because the group hasn't released a studio album since 1993. Here's a statement from frontman Kelly Shaefer: "You asked for it, the first new Atheist material in 15 years has risen to the surface and it was truly amazing, much better than we could have expected! We ended up with a bit over 3 minutes of truly Atheist, brutal, fast as hell, technical metal madness! "My trip to atlanta began in true atheist 'cursed' style. I enter Avatar rehearsal studios and with guitar and backpack in hand, I proceed to bust my fucking ass...like really bust ass and fucked up my knee, shit I have not fallen like that in years, hahaha. So I hobbled to the practice room, and plugged in my guitar, knee bleeding and all, and of course, my guitar does not work! Most of you know I am left-handed so I could not play anyone elses guitar, so... Friday was a wash. I did however get to watch Gnostic rehearse and that was incredible; you all are in for a treat when that record comes out. Fortunately for me the Gnostic boys enlisted one of there buddies, 'Rick' to perform some guitar surgery, and I am very grateful to him for that, because we would not had been able to write anything had he not fixed that fucker up for the next day. So everyone say, right on Ricky Boy! "Saturday: I get my guitar back and it's perfect and from about the 6th minute of jamming (after smoking out) the new Atheist riffs started surfacing off my brain and Flynn's brain, and just like old times we were rolling, smiling ear to ear all the while. I have not written with Steve Flynn since 1991, so we did not know how it would be, but people, it was fucking magical and inspiring. Me and Flynn used to always do most all of the arrangements for the Atheist music, and so once we started spitting riffs, we started sewing together what will be the first new Atheist material in many moons. We are thrilled to death (pun intended) to say that I will indeed be eating my words about not doing new material, but I want old fans to know how serious we are about this. We are not making a record again for any reasons but the right ones. Sure, we all need to take care of our families, but our intentions are to rip a brand new hole in the ass of technical metal, and raise the bar of expectations on the fusion of death metal, and progressive musical mind blowing. We hope that people will understand that this is truly for all the right reasons. I do expect old school metal people to be skeptical, and my words to you are - don't worry! We ain't about to fuck this up! "Steve Flynn is one of the most musically articulate, motherfucking monster drummers alive on this planet. If his performance level on Unquestionable Presence was a 9 or a 10, then he is now gonna be on 20. He is faster, smarter and more creative than I have ever seen him be, and I have known him for over 25 years. I just stand in awe of his ability to manipulate rhythms. It's such a signature style that he makes it very easy for me to drop brutal riffs and never lose sight on the heaviness that seperates us from that sort of epic, finesse orientated technical metal you hear from a lot of today's tech bands. We want to confuse you, then punch you in the back of the head at the same time before your brain has time to do anything about it! What do I need to say about the skills of Tony Choy? He was masterful at piecing the Elements bass and drum sections together, so he will no doubt be laying down some dizzying shit fo sho! "We know more than any writers, or others, who think they know what's best for us, and we hope everyone will not choose to be negative about all of this. Life is too short to worry about shit like that. Ask our good friend, the late great Roger Patterson, about borrowed time! We will not sleep till we have created the Theory of Technical Evolution! Me and Flynn discussed this sort of 'Einstien' scenario, whereas Einstien was never the brightest or smartest amongst his peers, but he was extremely creative and clever; and I think that combining the technical knowledge of this metal we play, with cleverness and creativity, will trump the equations of the many bands of today who may have more complicated scales within their tunes, and maybe are more technical than Atheist, but lack the ability to put it together in a brutal and creative manner. So people can actually still count on us not losing sight of the latter half of the definition as it's written of our sound DEATH METAL! "With that said, we also intend on celebrating the 20th anniversary of Piece of Time release with a bunch of shows in 2009 in Europe and the U.S. A live DVD and now a brand new set of Atheist's metal puzzles for your confusing enjoyment of course. We will keep you posted on all of the details as they happen. Hold on to your brains fuckers! Promoters and labels contact starrfactory@verizon.net to book shows or show interest in helping us take the record to the people who made us! We thank you all so much for making this happen for us, we totally could not do this without your endless urging to do another record! No longer can we ignore the masses of young metal heads just getting into our music for the first time, we never could have imagined it would happen that way. But once it was realized after the Helfest gig in France last summer, we knew we had to consider it. Ok, that's it for now, talk to you all soon."

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