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Beneath The Sky unable to tour

Monday, July 21, 2008 8:43 PM PT

Beneath The Sky singer Joey Nelson has issued a cryptic statement regarding the band's lack of upcoming tour dates:

"We've been asked if there are any tours lined up. To answer that question for you... No there hasn't. Because of conflicts with certain parties it has put an unnecessary damper on our ability to do any touring. I am sorry that I can't go into further detail. I am here doing this to do my best to offer our assurance that if we could be on tour, we would do so for our friends, and yes that means you. The only site where you will get official tour dates is our Myspace. So if you hear about us playing somewhere, and it's not on our Myspace, don't count on us being there. The rest of the band and I can only ask for you to please hope for the best, and that our unfortunate situation will turn around for the better. Thanks for your time, patience, and for your love."

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