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Psycroptic album details

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 3:00 PM PT / 1,723 views
Official press release: Tasmanian tech-death masters, Psycroptic, have officially announced the title of their follow-up to 2006's "Symbols of Failure." "Ob(Servant)," the band's first album for Nuclear Blast Records and fourth overall, will be released sometime in the Fall of 2008. "Ob(Servant)" was mixed and mastered by former Machine Head and Soulfly guitarist Logan Mader (Divine Heresy, Gojira) and recorded once again by guitarist Joe Haley. Drummer Dave Haley commented on their upcoming release: "'Ob(Servant)' is definitely our finest hour (well, finest 49 minutes and 49 seconds anyway). It's of course a cliche of every band to say that their newest album is their best and so on, but we are very proud of what we have done on this album. The writing process was a little different for this album, with Joe (guitarist) writing pretty much all the material. This gives the album a very cohesive and flowing feel, and this album is definitely our most diverse material thus far. The artwork is also amazing, having been completed by Raymand Swanland (Deeds of Flesh). Those not familiar with his work should check it out - you will be amazed! "It's a mixture of everything we have done, as well as adding in new elements to continue the progression we are on as a band. No point releasing the same album twice, right? Like "Symbols of Failure", Joe engineered the album, but this time we enlisted the help of metal guru Logan Mader to mix and master the album...and that was probably the best decision we have ever made. The album sounds huge! Since we are currently on the amazing Summer Slaughter Tour in the US at the moment, we had been receiving mixes while on the road. After our LA show Logan took myself and Joe to his Dirty Icon studio and put the finishing touches on the mix. Huge is one word for the sound he achieved." In regards to the band's current U.S. tour as part of the annual Summer Slaughter package with The Black Dahlia Murder and Kataklysm he continues: "Speaking of the current tour, tonight marks Jason's final US show of the tour - as he will fly home tomorrow to meet the latest addition to the Psycroptic family, his first born daughter Audrey. Congratulations to Jason and girlfriend Kate on this special occasion. Jason will be back in action in August with Psycroptic. For the remaining shows on the tour Tony (from Unmerciful) will be helping us out on vocals. We are sure US audiences will welcome Tony as warmly as they have welcomed us for the previous dates on the tour, which has been by far the best tour Psycroptic has been apart of! We will return to the U.S. a LOT more after this tour, that is for sure. Keep your eyes and ears open over the next few weeks as we are sure to post some new material and have a sneak peek of the art soon!"

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