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Kataklysm re-signs with Nuclear Blast Recs

Official press release: Canada's very own extreme metal titans, Kataklysm, have re-signed with Nuclear Blast Records! This isn't the first time the band has re-signed to the label either but actually the fourth time; a first in the history of the label. It is a partnership that has thrived for the past 15 years and has produced such classics as "Temple of Knowledge," "Shadows and Dust" and "In the Arms of Devastation" to name a few. The band is currently touring with The Black Dahlia Murder as part of the annual Summer Slaughter tour, supporting their soon to be classic new album "Prevail." Lead singer Maurizio Iacono took a quick break from the madness of the road to comment on their renewed partnership: "Today is a very important day for Kataklysm. A pivotal decision in our career has been made and we are beyond happy to say that we have decided to renew our deal with Nuclear Blast! This is the label who discovered us, believed in us, and still pushes the envelope for Kataklysm's future to this day. When times were rough many people turned their backs on Kataklysm but not Nuclear Blast. They stayed true to us and we learned from each others mistakes and grew together overtime. So today we make history together by becoming the first band on Nuclear Blast to re-sign four times! We started with them and we intend to finish with them but not before releasing more Kataklysm-ic events on the masses! Believe me when I say the best is yet to come. Celebration time!" Jaap Wagemaker, European A&R and head of promotions for Nuclear Blast Europe, added: "Nuclear Blast is really stoked to announce that one of the cornerstone bands of the label is re-signing for the 4th time now! The legendary Canadian hyperblasters, Kataklysm, have been with the label for 15 years and have seen how Nuclear Blast grew from a small independent to the #1 label for extreme music worldwide! During this time Kataklysm has evolved to one of the leaders in today's international death metal scene! After having released masterpieces like 'Shadows and Dust', 'Serenity in Fire', 'In the Arms of Devastation' and this year's 'Prevail', Kataklysm has made their way to the top of the death metal scene! This of course did not unnoticed by other labels. So we couldn't have been happier when Kataklysm told us that they wanted to stay with the Nuclear Blast. Together we made it possible for them to be where they are now! All these years working with Kataklysm have been a great ride and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them. Maurizio, Max, J-F and Stephane welcome home! Together we will prevail!" Nuclear Blast America's Label Manager Gerardo Martinez continued: "It has been a dream come true working with these bunch of crazy Canadians these past years. Looking back now, I would've never guessed back in 1995 (the first time I saw Kataklysm live) that I would one day be working with such a great group of people and one of the most successful death metal bands on the planet today! The band has grown so much in the past few years due to their strong work ethic, and of course their knack for cranking out killer death metal records! "We are proud to announce that today, at the Nuclear Blast U.S.A. headquarters in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, the band resigned with us one more time to make this the 4th time. This marks a first in the history of the label and goes to show how amazing of a relationship we have with the band. Congratulations Maurizio, Max, J-F and Stephane; hard work never goes unnoticed!"

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