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The Sleeping prepares album, announces tour

Thursday, July 3, 2008 9:52 AM PT

Long Island, NY rock/post-hardcore outfit The Sleeping (Victory Records), featuring ex-Skycamefalling members, has surfaced with an update:

"What's the opposite of being home sick, cabin fever? Tour-sick? Whatever you wanna call it, that's what we are. 100% sick of being on this island. After 4 straight years of touring this great land and others, we've been here on Long Island since January. Besides the two Bamboozles, we haven't played any shows in seven months. All of our time has been consumed by writing the follow-up to Question & Answers, finding the right replacement for Cameron [Keym, guitars] and planning our next move as a band. We love our friends and family here, but we miss all of our friends elsewhere. We miss playing for different kids every night, and making new friends.

"While we still need to finish the next record and find the perfect guitarist, we decided if we stay here any longer were going to go nuts. So were are so very psyched to announce we will be doing some shows in August (August 13-30 to be exact). We still have so much to do, so the tour will be short and pretty much only on the East Coast (with some Midwest dates). Along for the ride this time will be some very good friends from Long Island, labelmates from the South and old tour mates from the Pacific Northwest.

"We know we've been on the sidelines for a bit, and we appreciate how patient you all have been. We're stoked to set it off with you guys one more time!"

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