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Apiary changes name to Early Graves

Friday, June 20, 2008 10:34 AM PT

Official press release:

Northern California's Apiary have changed their name to Early Graves and will be releasing a brand new album titled "We: The Guillotine" via Ironclad Recordings on August 19th, 2008. Make sure to head over to the band's new MySpace page to check out two new tracks off the band's upcoming release and tour dates currently scheduled.

Here's what guitarist and founding member Chris Brock had to say about the name change:

"We changed the name from Apiary to Early Graves for a pretty simple reason. The songs we had created on the road under the former name had nothing to do with the original Apiary and we needed a new name that was a better fit, and more relevant to who we are. We wanted a name that meant burning your wick at both ends. It also didn't hurt that there was not original members left and we didn't want to be that band."

Chris comments on the upcoming CD:

"Our new record is called We: The Guillotine and is nothing like the former banner and their album. It was recorded in Nashville with Steve Austin (Converge/Lamb of God/Deadguy) and is dirty and punk and is metal and is a testament to who we are as people. It's fast like the Millennium Falcon, aggressive like a pack of hyenas, and hopes to never be compared to this stupid fucking fake death and thrash movement going on right. It has guest appearances on vocals and guitar by Steve Austin on Last Name: Porter and Here There Be Monsters and another vocal appearance by Eugene Robinson of Oxbow on Here There Be Monsters and their parts are haunting. The album is ferocious.

"We: The Guillotine sounds like a crash course in burning out to me. Expect an all out war on your ears for 40 minutes without brees, breakdown after breakdown or Yngwie wannabe guitar playing. You can expect music from the heart."

Here's the track listing:

01. Ballistics
02. Safety Net Acrobats
03. House N#gger
04. First Name: William
05. Rest
06. Last Name: Porter (Featuring Steve Austin)
07. The Man In Black Fled Across The Desert
08. Ghosts Among Us
09. Borrowed Teeth, Borrowed Claws
10. Here There Be Monsters (featuring Steve Austin and Eugene Robinson)
11. City Of Angels of Nothing at All

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