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MOSS completes new album

Saturday, June 7, 2008 10:39 PM PT

Official press release:

UK extreme-doom metal band MOSS has completed work on its new album, entitled Sub Templum. Already being described as, "the bleakest, darkest doom metal ever recorded," Sub Templum will drop in North American on July 8 via England's Rise Above Records.

MOSS creates eerie anti-music that transmits the occult like none other. Nocturnally recorded deep within the mystical Welsh valleys, Sub Templum takes the funereal wickedness of the MOSS sound to excruciatingly new territories. Produced by Jus Oborn of veteran UK doom metal band Electric Wizard (who had previously worked with MOSS on its debut album, Cthonic Rites), Sub Templum’s monstrous and macabre sonic groan retains the monolithic simplicity of a Martian pyramid, while the production somehow increases the scope of MOSS’ trademark wall of distortion and despair.

Sub Templum is an immense opus of occult hypnosis inspired by the macabre, masonry, marijuana, a steady diet of macabre horror a la 'Death Line' and 'Last House on Dead End Street' and Doris "ZORA" Norton. With Sub Templum, MOSS urge the awakening of Earth's deepest, most destructive secrets - the dreadful final judgment spelled out in the cultic symbols and perverted relics of an almighty elder species, lying in wait to claim the apocalypse. A terrifying work of uncompromisingly cryptic enormity, MOSS’ Sub Templum will ruin "extreme" doom metal for everyone.

A sneak peak at the sounds that Sub Templum holds in store can be conjured now as the new MOSS track "Dragged to the Roots" has been posted online at this location. An advance look at the album's talismanic cover art can be viewed at this location.

The final track listing for Sub Templum is as follows:

1. Ritus (5:24)
2. Subterraen (23:25)
3. Dragged to the Roots (9:33)
4. Gate III: Devils from the Outer Dark (35:31)

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