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Love Lost But Not Forgotten reunion show

Thursday, May 29, 2008 10:18 AM PT

Love Lost But Not Forgotten has announced plans to play a reunion show (or two) in late-July. Here's the official word from the band:

"First off, the trend of reunion shows with bands has been completely insane lately. All of us in LLBNF want to address that this show is for the following reasons which you can read below. But one thing for sure... this has NOTHING to do with personal finance unlike so many bands doing reunion shows as of late.

"Our great friend bob is opening a brand new venue in Saint Louis, Mo called Fubar. Bob, throughout the years, has done a lot for all of us in LLBNF whether it be for the band or for some of us personally. He has gone as far as helping us rent vans back in the day to make sure we could get to shows etc. We are all very excited on his new club and the fact that he is trying to bring back to Saint Louis what has been missing for a long time. A decent mid-level venue and just a all around great place to hang and drink at.

"[Moreover], a few years ago, all of us in LLBNF played one last show and kinda abruptly disappeared from the music scene. In doing this we left a lot of people hanging and throughout all of this we have STILL seen an incredible amount of love and support for a band that has now been defunct for 4 years? Shit who knows. It's pretty incredible with so much music out these days that people still remember us and care. So this brings us to the now...

"We, the entire original lineup of LLBNF, will be doing a show in late-ish July (possibly 2 shows) as a show of appreciation to everyone that has every supported us, put us up or kept that flame going. Our set will consist of the first record and the second record. hopefully both in their entirety. And maybe even some new stuff/songs you may have not have heard. A majority of proceeds from these shows will go to helping Bob with his bar and to help him get this club killing it in Saint Louis.

"We will have pre-sale tickets available shortly and all the show information to follow."

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