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Endwell signs with Mediaskare Records

Thursday, May 08, 2008 9:33 PM PT

Mediaskare Records has signed Queens, New York band Endwell. The group comments:

"We couldn't be happier with the choice we've made! We originally met Baron [Bodnar] in Los Angeles when we were recording our last album and have kept in touch with him since...we got an all around great feeling for the label while we were on tour with our Boys in As Blood Runs Black and there is no one we would rather be family with! Once we had these songs written and had started thinking of labels to shop to we knew we needed a solid label with a dedication to hardcore and underground music...cuz face it, we've changed. When you're playing a style of music for a few years and then a main song writer decided to leave, it gives you many options to explore. Basically we just wanted to make a record that was hard emotionally and musically. We wanted to write an album that we could enjoy and that made us feel like we did when we started playing hardcore when we were little kids.

"When we wrote 'Homeland' it was as if that was our job, we got the call that we were going to be in the studio with a big time producer in 4 weeks and bang! We had a mission to accomplish and we were in Danny's garage 7 days a week for almost 4 full weeks just writing as man riffs and melodies as we could. There was really no 'passion' behind it except for the fact that we had just gotten signed and we knew we had to write an album. All in all it was an amazing experience we wouldn't trade for the world. But shortly after 'Homeland' came out we were sick of it, nobody wanted to play the songs, they just didn't have enough balls so the whole thing became stale. This time around we had months...and some of us had actual jobs and we wrote because it was fun, not because someone was waving an advance and a deadline in our faces. We would get together jam out all get in the same mindset and the riffs and songs just came out. So we want to thank Baron and Mediaskare for taking us under his wing and standing behind our passion 110%."

Endwell formed in 2003 and released an album with Victory Records before being dropped by the label (for undisclosed reasons) in January. Material from the group's Mediaskare debut can be heard here.

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