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Society's Finest update

Thursday, May 1, 2008 4:44 PM PT

Society's Finest frontman Joshua Ashworth has issued a brief update regarding the band's next album, which doesn't appear to be coming out any time soon. Here's the word:

"So here is what is going on. Nick Nowell (guitar) is playing bass for The Famine (Solid State Records) and due to his touring plans, we have been forced to delay the completion of our record. Sorry guys. Also, I am in the midst of planning a wedding and seeking the Lord like never before, so I feel that those things are in the highest priority right now. I feel like Society's Finest is evolving into more what the Lord intended it to be. Who knows what the future holds for us. I know that there is a record on the horizon and I know that recording that record is in the future. Other than that everything else is in the hands of the Lord."

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