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Memphis May Fire recording new album

Friday, April 25, 2008 9:15 PM PT

Memphis May Fire recently entered the studio to track their debut full-length for Trustkill Records. The album is being recorded by Casey Bates (Chiodos, Pierce The Veil). Singer Chase Ryan comments:

"So far we're having a blast. We're out in the burbs of Seattle hanging out making some sweet ass new songs that we think will kinda catch everyone off guard. They are very reminiscent of the EP but have a new twist that is entirely their own. They are much more complex and interesting songs, but still have that raw, almost southern sound to them; and in a way are more progressive and heavy. Recording with Casey is awesome. He's super chill and above all, wants us to be happy with the record. We are super excited to get these songs out asap, I'm sure you will dig em'!"

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