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Kayo Dot tour dates (Europe)

Mon, April 7, 2008 2:43 PM PT2,434 views

Kayo Dot will tour Europe in late-May and early-June. Here are the dates: 05/25 TBA, France w/ Gregor Samsa 05/26 Main d’Oeuvres Paris, France w/ Gregor Samsa 05/27 TBA, Switzerlandw/ Gregor Samsa 05/28 Treibhaus Luzerne, Switzerland w/ Gregor Samsa 05/29 Belvedere Namur, Belgium w/ Gregor Samsa 05/30 Dqliq Luxembourg w/ Gregor Samsa 05/31 Gleis 22 Munster, Germany w/ Gregor Samsa 06/01 TBA with Gregor Samsa TBA, Benelux w/ Gregor Samsa 06/02 Cassiopeia Berlin, Germany 06/03 Lades Kaelder Copenhagen, Denmark 06/04 Az Conni Dresden, Germany 06/05 Chateau Rouge Prague, CZ 06/06 Feierwerk Munich, Germany 06/07 Elfer Frankfurt, Germany 06/08 Worm Rotterdam, Netherlands

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