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Madball replaces drummer

After six years with the band, drummer Rigg Ross has left Madball. According to the group, "We'd like to wish him all the best for the future, and he will have our love and respect forever." To replace Ross, Madball has added Mackie Jayson (former Cro-Mags, Bad Brains) to their line-up. He will make his live debut with the band later this month.


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some_kind_of_palsy 4/7/2008 10:38:06 AM

first post. groudbreaking at this point in their lives

mummified_circuitry 4/7/2008 10:40:16 AM

this band sucks

uniden 4/7/2008 10:42:13 AM

fck madball

MILFgrinder 4/7/2008 10:44:21 AM

riggs is an awesome drummer. remember him being in self decay and hatebreed

fuckyouasshole 4/7/2008 10:54:06 AM

This band is better and sold more albums than your shitty backyard grindcore band.

rick_tocchet 4/7/2008 11:01:41 AM


thorns 4/7/2008 11:25:46 AM

A little bit of an error...Mackie played with Madball this past Saturday.

ratt_fink 4/7/2008 11:48:30 AM

horrible fat band

SETHDLH 4/7/2008 11:56:18 AM

madball rules. end of story gays

alangreenspan 4/7/2008 12:54:16 PM

lol @ butthurt madball fans. Your shit band sucks; get over it news gays.

zachshallperish 4/7/2008 1:03:08 PM

Mackie is one of the best CORE drummers of all time!!!!!! If you you don't think so, you better axe somebody ho. I'm stoked to see this new line-up .

swampthang 4/7/2008 1:25:01 PM

ya'll are right madball fcking suck

fmetal666 4/7/2008 1:35:17 PM

I'm sure he will bring a whole new sound to the band. no longer will they be generic and suck ass, but now they will be generic and suck balls.

xmikeyfreshx 4/7/2008 1:44:05 PM

madball is an amazing band

thecreepyroom 4/7/2008 2:30:49 PM

Madball sucks horse c-ck, always has. Also, "Rigg Ross" is a terrible name for a human being. Fits him just right. Die.

normanbatesdrummer 4/7/2008 2:52:28 PM

im really considering making a video of me playing there songs on drums with one arm

ems 4/7/2008 3:06:35 PM

Cool now he can focus on a new RAGMEN album! Madball should do Hazen Street songs now cus mackie knows them.

flashtanto 4/7/2008 5:48:29 PM

They stripped me naked had me lift my ballsack up so they could check underneath it, and then had me bend over and spread my asscheeks apart so they could look inside my jerk.

cuntjuice 4/7/2008 7:25:16 PM

fcking horrible band. wow singer was in jail, increase scene points.

emoxfag 4/7/2008 8:41:36 PM

yawn yawn yawn. band is dumb. who cares.

swishersweets 4/7/2008 8:47:03 PM

no care ever

Cydrx 4/7/2008 9:23:07 PM

fck this band and ferret style,.,

carnivoresince84 4/7/2008 9:59:32 PM

Cro Mags...awesome

Raw_Mike 4/8/2008 1:49:10 AM

Good move but new madball doesn't hold a candle to the older stuff.

13225 4/8/2008 3:51:05 AM

ironballs comment soon TBA

gypsyslayer21 4/8/2008 1:21:50 PM

"Madball sucks horse c-ck, always has. Also, "Rigg Ross" is a terrible name for a human being. Fits him just right. Die." you should go die he holds more history in the scene ur alowed to have than u know u=shit madball is sweet

sethcore 4/8/2008 10:03:18 PM

madball rules you stupid tween dildos all you's that think you know music,don't know shit MADBALL was playin when half of you losers on this board were still suckin yer mamas tit

generic_gimmick 4/8/2008 10:06:26 PM

They should replace their drummer whith a .357 and take turns sucking the tip.

make_me 4/9/2008 9:33:51 AM

black people...

dicholas 4/9/2008 6:24:10 PM

Saying 'gays' after your post doesn't make anything you say more powerful. Find some other way to steal each other's masculinity. And more importantly, grow up!

Beerfarts 4/10/2008 7:46:46 PM

Awesome addition with Ross. Man all these little kids that think they know about "BRUTAL MUSIC" are hilarious!

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