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Eulogy Recordings announces deal w/ RED

Tuesday, April 01, 2008 9:57 PM PT

Official press release:

Eulogy Recordings and Hand Of Hope Records today announced that RED Distribution is the exclusive physical and digital distributor for North America.

"After many years of developing a relationship with Alan Becker and the RED staff, we decided the time was right to partner with RED Distribution. Eulogy and Hand Of Hope are a great fit with RED and we look forward to continuing to grow the labels with RED's help in a time where many in the music industry are closing their doors. Thanks to Bob Morelli and everyone at RED for this exciting opportunity. RED is clearly the leader in independent music distribution and artist development" said John Wylie, owner of Eulogy Recordings.

Alan Becker, Senior Vice President, Product Development of RED Distribution comments, "We are excited to welcome John Wylie and Eulogy Recordings to RED Distribution. Like other great hard rock indie labels and to its many fans, Eulogy is not just a record company, Eulogy is a lifestyle brand. Eulogy consistently delivers uncompromising A&R and vision done with taste and utmost respect for its audience. Eulogy is poised for great things and we can't wait to get busy with them."

"Eulogy would like to thank Lumberjack for everything they have done for us. We have been exclusively distributed by them from a few years after the label started until now. They have always done a great job distributing our titles and treated us better than we could have ever expected. Thanks to Dirk Hemsath, Dawn Marshman and everyone at Lumberjack for helping Eulogy grow to what it is today." said John Wylie, owner of Eulogy Recordings.

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