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Beneath The Sky update

Saturday, March 22, 2008 5:18 PM PT

Ohio's Beneath The Sky is currently finishing up the recording process for their next Victory Records release. Vocals will be recorded this week, with mixing set to begin in early-April. Neither a title nor release date has been set for the effort, but it will likely hit stores in June. The band comments: "We are very excited to get this album out to ya. We have put just about everything that we had onto this album. We know for fans of our first album, will fall in love with this one. And we hope to reach out to more people with the new album."

Meanwhile, Beneath The Sky has officially parted ways with guitarist Chris Profitt, drummer Brandon Sowder, and keyboardist Matt Jones, whom will not be replaced. Joining the band is Kevin Stafford and Bryan Cash on guitars/vocals and drums, respectively. The group elaborates: "These guys are good friends of ours, and we are very happy to have them in the family. Not only are they our friends, but, they are highly talented musicians. With this new album coming out, you will see what we are talking about. These two brought a lot to the table, and helped us out with the writing/recording process. Feel free to say 'hi' to them at shows, and welcome them to the band."

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