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Leng Tch'e, Fuck The Facts split EP

Leng Tch'e is currently recording four new tracks for a split 7"/MCD release with Fuck The Facts. According to the band, "These songs will be the first recordings with our new drummer Tony and will be a taste of what's to come on our next full-length, due in 2009." The split will hit streets this summer via Power It Up Records.

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royalcrowndeath 3/8/2008 3:27:08 PM

rox n railz fck.

pat_rota 3/8/2008 3:30:09 PM

first first post

khann 3/8/2008 3:30:44 PM

I would've cared so much more about this two years ago

moonter 3/8/2008 3:34:57 PM

will be downloading

xvegeedgex 3/8/2008 3:40:52 PM

oh, how exciting! ::downloads::

JudasGoat 3/8/2008 3:42:20 PM

fck the facts sucks

DrMartinLutherKingJr 3/8/2008 4:40:03 PM

oh cool. will download

papasmurf 3/8/2008 5:34:28 PM

fck the facts sucks? We don't live on the same planet dude cause they are fcking amazing.

swampthang 3/8/2008 6:29:41 PM

ftf singer called me cute when she came to my area lol. good band im gun pick this up

I_put_the_fun_in_funeral 3/8/2008 11:25:10 PM

i just bought a leng tch'e hoodie yesterday ... definately picking this up

severedintwo 3/8/2008 11:39:28 PM

this cd is going to destroy my ears

Chaosweaver 3/8/2008 11:53:06 PM


CirclePItCasserole 3/9/2008 12:16:20 AM

JudasGoat 3/8/2008 3:42:20 PM fck the facts sucks ^ this dude needs death more then ever stated before

1234567hate 3/9/2008 3:06:56 AM

oo look at me. i'm downloading. i'm making a statement. i matter. oo. fcking sell out gays. entirely down with this split. and i'll pay the 10 dollars it will probably coast.

forumdrama 3/9/2008 6:00:24 AM

Weird, any news about Leng Tch'e on here gets shitty comments from people. I back this split hard! Stoked!

chas 3/9/2008 9:18:05 AM

leng tch'e rules.

shiv 3/9/2008 8:27:22 PM

No Svencho No care ever

Robert_Flaig 3/10/2008 2:44:07 AM

I will definitely be checking this out. This should be pretty good.

Monty_The_Snake 3/10/2008 2:51:00 AM

This should be good... will be downloading this.

ghetto_paul 3/12/2008 11:15:52 AM

Leng Tch's has gone down the shitter in the blink of an eye. Man Made Predator was a fcking FANTASTIC album, and they follow it up with two absolute horseshit albums (Process of Elimination / Marasmus). Shame. Losing the ninja hurt this band bad.

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