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Daath announces new singer

Thursday, February 28, 2008 12:03 PM PT / 3,499 views
Official press release: Georgia-based, forward-thinking metal band Daath, who spent the summer of 2007 kicking up dirt on Ozzfest's side stage, have completed their search for a new vocalist. Daath are pleased to announce Sean Z. as their new frontman. The band, who parted ways with Sean Faber after Ozzfest, spent the autumn season holding open auditions for the position, with the unwavering goal of finding a diverse singer with enough range and power to match the band's progressive style of metal. Fellow Atlantan Sean Z., who filled in on vocals during the band's late Fall tour with Dark Funeral, fit the bill. Says drummer Kevin Talley, "Sean Z. brings the whole package and destroys in every aspect of the word. He sounds killer on the new material. Now, we are stronger than ever and we look forward to hitting the road this summer." Daath are slated to enter the studio on March 1st to record The Concealers with producer Jason Suecof (Trivium, Chimaira) and Mark Lewis of Florida's Audiohammer Studios manning the boards. Guitarist Eyal Levi is thrilled about finally moving forward saying, "We've been biding our time for 4 years in order to be able to finally make an album the right way. We're looking forward to making a record that reflects what Daath is truly about." Indeed, Daath are a conceptual act, with the lyrics from The Hinderers revolving around the spiritual concept of the Tree of Life/Death. On the forthcoming The Concealers, the band will explore the shadowy world of deception, the forces concealing truth and how the human psyche weaves a web of illusion. With the new vocalist in place and a new album in the works, Daath are more than prepared to expose their brand of thinking man's metal to the masses.

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