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Ferret Music signs The Hottness

Friday, February 15, 2008 4:30 PM PT

Official press release:

Wilmington, NC's The Hottness have signed with Ferret Music. The five-piece have become a hot commodity with their bastardization of punk with dirty rock leanings, metal stomping riffs and a southern flair. "We're just ugly, unhealthy guys who know how to play music and love it more than anything" vocalist Adam says. On signing to Ferret, Adam speaks for the band when he says, "When we started we always used to fantasize about signing with a label like Ferret where we respected and love most of the artists on. We weren't even in the mindset of approaching them and it turned out Carl (Severson, Ferret) heard our music and got in touch with us."

The group will re-release their debut full-length Stay Classy on Ferret this April and they feel it's a good example of their live energy. Adam relates: "The album was recorded in three days in a bedroom knocking out the instruments in one day and vocals on another, it's as raw and energized as possible."

Currently on a headlining tour, the band has lived on the road for the past four years. They originally went on a two-week tour just a month after they formed with only six songs to their name just to get the experience in. "We weren't supposed to headline this current tour but the headlining band had van problems so instead of canceling, we switched to a headline tour even though it was late shows and most kids can't even stay out as late as we play, this is what we do, we never thought of canceling."

Look for the band on the Artery Foundation Across The Nation Tour with A Skylit Drive, Before Their Eyes, Memphis May Fire, Dance Gavin Dance and more. Tour dates can be found on the group's Myspace page.

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