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He Is Legend guitarist leaves band

Thursday, February 14, 2008 9:28 AM PT

He Is Legend has officially confirmed the rumored departure of guitarist Mitch Marlow. According to the group, "Mitch isn't playing with us anymore. He's working at Warrior Studios and playing guitar in the band Filter. We are recording demos with Mitch (at Warrior Studios) at the end of March. We love him."

The band has subsequently added guitarist Worth Weaver (of Friends For Hire) to their touring line-up.

Meanwhile, He Is Legend has been working on a new album. The group comments:

"Adam, Steve, Matt and Schuylar have been in the practice room 'hashing' out a bunch of new material. Progress so far is very exciting but, most importantly, we think Steve is going to get a gong soon. Hell yeah."

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