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The Sword completes new album

Official press release: The Sword has completed work on its wildly-anticipated sophomore album, entitled Gods of the Earth. The follow up to the band's critically acclaimed debut Age of Winters, Gods of the Earth is set for an April 1, 2008 release via diverse NYC label Kemado Records. Recorded at Folkvang Studios in Austin, TX, Gods of the Earth instantly conveys what words can only try to describe: The Sword is not to be taken lightly. From the moment the album’s lead track "The Sundering" explodes, it is immediately apparent that The Sword has upped the ante on a sound all its own. More ambitious, more accomplished and simply bigger, Gods of the Earth’s huge, mountaintop-friendly hooks, thunderous drumming and oceanic bass lines cut through the air like a scythe, while the ominous vocals of frontman J.D. Cronise weave fantastical tales rife with myth and mythology. Waves of powerful riffs and low-end thunder dominate songs such as the immediate "Maiden, Mother & Crone," "Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians," "Under the Boughs" and the paralyzing "The Black River." The final track listing for Gods of the Earth is as follows: 1. The Sundering 2. How Heavy This Axe 3. Lords 4. Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians 5. To Take the Black 6. Maiden, Mother & Crone 7. Under the Boughs 8. The Black River 9. The White Sea

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