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New Hardcore and Metal Music

New hardcore and metal music that we have reported on. Please don't hesitate to submit anything you deem to be newsworthy.

Benighted release new single "Nothing Left to Fear" ft Archspire's Oli Peters 6 hours ago

Ransom Note release new song "Forced Isolation" ft. Andrew Carey & Alex Varian of Evergreen Terrace 2 days ago

Atræ Bilis announce new album 'Aumicide' and release first single "Salted in Stygia" 2 days ago

Born A New release new single "Lost Time" 3 days ago

Enslaved release deluxe version of Heimdal, share alternate version of "Congelia" lyric video 3 days ago

Ministry debut "New Religion" music video from new record 'HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES' 3 days ago

Volcandra drop "Seven Tombs" music video along with 'The Way of Ancients' release 3 days ago

Pelican release first new material since 2019 3 days ago

Alienist deliver music video for "Hypnotise" as new EP drops 3 days ago

Demon Hunter debut latest single "Worlds Apart" 3 days ago

Attila release new single "Timebomb" 4 days ago

Child share live music video for "Time Island" off upcoming sophomore album 'Shitegeist' 4 days ago

Necrowretch share official music video for single "Vae Victis" 4 days ago

Born of Osiris release new single "A Mind Short Circuiting" along with visualizer 4 days ago

One Step Closer announce 'All You Embrace' due out in May, present new single "Leap Years" 4 days ago

Boundaries present new single, "A Pale Light Lingers", ft Alpha Wolf vocalist Lockie Keogh 4 days ago

Thornhill debut "Obsession" music video 5 days ago

Life's Question prepare self-titled EP, release “When I Meet God” music video 5 days ago

Horndal announce new album, share lead single "Blacklisted" 5 days ago

Coffins deliver "Forced Disorder" from upcoming studio album 'Sinister Oath' 5 days ago

Ingested release new single "Pantheon" from upcoming 'The Tide OF Death And Fracture Dreams' LP 5 days ago

Domain debut third new single, "Nox et Boules", from upcoming full-length 5 days ago

CNTS (Dead Cross, Retox, Qui) share music video for new single "I Won't Work For You" 5 days ago

Slaughter To Prevail unveil music video for latest track, "Conflict" 5 days ago

Cabal release "If I Hang, Let me Swing" John Cxnnor Rework 5 days ago