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7/20/2023 Wretched sign with Metal Blade Records
11/12/2018 Rivers Of Nihil, Wretched members form Seinfeld-themed band
8/9/2018 Texas Revolution Fest 2018 announced
4/27/2016 Through The Eyes Of The Dead add new guitarist
2/26/2015 Sworn Enemy, Wretched, Dark Sermon tour
10/15/2014 Battlecross, Wretched, War Of Ages tour
9/4/2014 Havok drummer to miss North America tour
5/7/2014 Cannibal Corpse, Suicide Silence tour dates
3/31/2014 Mayhem Festival 2014 lineup revealed
3/20/2014 Havok, Wretched announce tour
3/6/2014 2014 Mayhem Festival lineup leaks?
1/23/2014 Texas Independence Fest lineup announced
1/18/2014 Glass Casket adds The Faceless guitarist Wes Hauch
12/1/2013 Wretched to begin recording new album in February
6/20/2013 Wretched, Abiotic, Allegaeon, Rivers Of Nihil tour
2/21/2013 The Browning drops off Soilwork tour
12/14/2012 Wretched tour dates
10/30/2012 Soilwork, Jeff Loomis, Blackguard, Wretched tour
9/11/2012 Six Feet Under, Cattle Decapitation, Wretched tour
7/25/2012 Death Angel, Threat Signal, Wretched tour dates
6/20/2012 Wretched, Huntress announce U.S. tour
5/3/2012 Wretched, King Conquer tour dates
2/1/2012 Wretched announces new album
12/14/2011 Metal Alliance Tour 2012 dates announced
11/14/2011 Wretched, The Browning, Serpents tour
6/10/2011 Wretched announces new tour, line-up
3/4/2011 Wretched, Son Of Aurelius, LCTR tour
10/22/2010 ABACABB, Legend, Wretched tour
8/18/2010 Wretched, Havok, Armed For Apocalypse tour
7/7/2010 Wretched, Antagonist, Diskreet tour
6/16/2010 Wretched completes new album
4/27/2010 Wretched recording new album
2/10/2010 Rose Funeral, Wretched tour
11/7/2009 Vital Remains, Wretched tour dates
11/6/2009 Wretched and bassist part ways
6/16/2009 Graves Of Valor, Wretched dates
4/12/2009 Killwhitneydead, Wretched, Demonstration tour
1/18/2009 Within The Ruins, Wretched tour
11/19/2008 Wretched prepares Victory Records debut
10/24/2008 Victory Records signs Wretched

News Tidbits
12/15/2014 Wretched has posted a new installment of "The Winter Warriors Tour Diary."
12/5/2014 Wretched is keeping a tour diary for their trek with Battlecross. Here is the first installment.
6/30/2014 A music video for Wretched song "Wetiko" is newly available online.
6/2/2014 Wretched has premiered their new video for "Cranial Infestation."
5/12/2014 Wretched has premiered the first new song from their upcoming LP.
10/1/2012 Wretched has premiered their new video for "Karma Accomplished."
3/17/2011 Wretched has debuted their new video for "My Carrion."
5/14/2009 Wretched's new video for "A Preservation Online" has been made available (registration required).
2/26/2009 Another new Wretched song is online.
11/16/2008 A new Wretched song can be heard here.

12/4/2014 Wretched: The Winter Warriors Tour Diary
5/6/2014 Wretched "Morsel" song premiere

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