Winds Of Plague news


12/8/2018Winds Of Plague release re-recording of 'Decimate the Weak'
6/7/2018Winds Of Plague has issued a new music video.
12/13/2017Winds Of Plague have premiered a new video.
10/23/2017Winds of Plague have premiered a new song.
5/1/2014Reformers is streaming a new song featuring Johnny from Winds of Plague.
10/30/2013Winds of Plague has premiered their new music video for "Say Hello To The Undertaker."
10/24/2013Winds of Plague have debuted another track from their forthcoming album.
10/6/2013Exclusive song premiere: Winds of Plague - "Say Hello To The Undertaker"
10/1/2013Winds of Plague has unveiled the video for "Open the Gates of Hell," a track from their next album.
9/25/2013Winds of Plague have uploaded a preview of a song from their upcoming album.
3/25/2012Stray From The Path, For The Fallen Dreams, Attila and Winds of Plague have officially been added to the All Stars Tour 2012; Unearth is now strongly rumored.
2/6/2012A Cancerous Affair, featuring ex-members of Darkest Hour and Winds of Plague, has uploaded an "introduction video."
10/21/2011Winds of Plague has debuted their new video for "Refined In The Fire."
6/28/2011Winds Of Plague's new video for "California" (featuring Martin Stewart of Terror) is available online.
5/20/2011The new video for the Winds of Plague song "Drop The Match" is available online.
4/27/2011The new Winds of Plague album, "Against The World," has debuted at #60 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 8,750.
4/1/2011Winds Of Plague has debuted a new song (Facebook 'Like' required).
3/28/2011A preview of a new Winds Of Plague song is available online here.
2/11/2011Winds Of Plague have debuted a track from their forthcoming album (Facebook 'Like' required).
12/15/2010Winds Of Plague and Miss May I have now been added to Warped Tour 2011.
10/3/2010Winds Of Plague began recording their next album yesterday.
8/3/2010Winds Of Plague frontman Johnny Plague has checked in from Mayhem Fest with a video report.
12/11/2009The full schedule for the Winds Of Plague and Despised Icon tour has been announced.
6/28/2009Winds Of Plague has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.
6/27/2009A teaser for Winds Of Plague's next release can be found here.
7/23/2008Winds Of Plague's video for "The Impaler" can be seen here.
2/1/2008Winds Of Plague has posted another track from their new album.
11/21/2007Winds Of Plague has posted a track from their upcoming Century Media debut.


2/12/2019Lamb Of God guitarist reveals live band for solo tour
10/13/2018Winds of Plague, Entheos, The Zenith Passage tour dates
7/26/2018Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler to miss tour
1/29/2018Carnifex, Oceano, Spite, Winds Of Plague tour
1/22/2018New England Metal And Hardcore Fest 2018 takes shape
10/9/2017Winds Of Plague premiere new song and video
9/26/2017Winds Of Plague tour dates
9/22/2017Winds Of Plague announce new album, premiere song
9/6/2017Suicide Silence announces 'The Cleansing' 10 year tour
7/17/2017Winds Of Plague issue update on new album
12/13/2016Devildriver, Death Angel, Winds Of Plague announce tour
4/21/2016Winds of Plague return with new label, tour dates
2/25/2016Carnifex, Phinehas, Enterprise Earth tour dates
12/10/2015Winds Of Plague rejoined by drummer Art Cruz
12/6/2015Winds Of Plague to return in 2016
11/12/2015Suicide Silence announce benefit concert
5/9/2014Bleeding Through, Winds of Plague, Lionheart tour
4/10/2014Winds of Plague cancel tour dates
2/27/2014Unearth, Winds of Plague, Texas In July tour dates
10/28/2013Winds of Plague, Impending Doom, etc. tour dates
9/5/2013Winds Of Plague to release Resistance in November
9/5/2013Bleeding Through, Winds Of Plague, Oceano tour
8/30/2013Bleeding Through to tour U.S. in November
6/3/2013Wreckfest 2013 lineup takes shape
7/31/2012Winds of Plague parts ways with drummer
7/9/2012Cannibal Corpse, Devildriver tour (Europe)
7/2/2012Winds of Plague recording new album
6/6/2012Kristen Randall (Winds of Plague) joins Emberghost
5/11/2012All Stars Tour 2012 dates announced
3/21/2012All Stars Tour 2012 lineup
3/9/2012Winds Of Plague tour dates (Europe)
9/20/2011Thrash and Burn Tour 2011 dates announced
8/19/2011Thrash and Burn 2011 Tour line-up
2/4/2011Winds Of Plague album set for release
2/1/2011Emmure, Winds Of Plague, IWABO tour (Europe)
12/14/2010As I Lay Dying, Winds Of Plague tour
10/7/2010Winds Of Plague, After The Burial, Carnifex tour
7/29/2010Winds Of Plague, STYG, For Today tour (Europe)
7/14/2010Winds Of Plague prepare new album
2/23/2010Fear Factory, Winds Of Plague, Periphery tour
12/10/2009Winds Of Plague, Despised Icon, For Today tour
11/21/2009Winds Of Plague replaces keyboardist (again)
10/15/2009Winds Of Plague announces new keyboardist
10/14/2009Kristen Randall quits Winds Of Plague
9/24/2009Winds of Plague, Stick To Your Guns, Oceano tour
8/11/2009Winds Of Plague shoots new video
7/13/2009Winds Of Plague, Terror tour (Japan)
6/5/2009Winds Of Plague completes new album
5/21/2009Chimaira, Winds Of Plague, etc. tour dates
4/30/2009Winds Of Plague recording new album
1/14/2009Emmure, Winds Of Plague, Terror, etc. tour
10/6/2008Winds Of Plague announces new drummer
9/4/2008Winds Of Plague, Veil Of Maya tour dates
8/19/2008Winds Of Plague parts with drummer
6/26/2008Danzig, Dimmu Borgir, Winds of Plague tour
2/16/2008Stick To Your Guns, Winds Of Plague, etc. tour
2/1/2008Winds Of Plague announces new keyboardist
12/4/2007Dead To Fall, Winds Of Plague, etc. tour
9/17/2007Winds of Plague seeks new keyboardist
5/17/2007Winds Of Plague, Catherine, etc. tour
3/23/2007Century Media Records signs Winds of Plague
12/10/2006Winds Of Plague drummer rejoins band
4/16/2006Winds Of Plague lose drummer
1/22/2005Winds Of Plague sign w/ Life Sentence Records