Victory Records news


2/24/2015Hoods' frontman really wants to fight the owner of Victory Records.
2/26/2014Has Emmure ditched their controversial new song title "Bring A Gun To School"?
12/8/2013album review: Close Your Eyes - Line In The Sand
10/19/2013Does anybody remember the Tony Brummel and Steve Jobs email exchange from 2006?
10/8/2013A Day To Remember frontman: "There are times where I just straight up lose it because [Tony Brummel, Victory Records owner] can be so weird, and just lying..."
6/13/2013It seems like some people out there are pretty passionate about "deathcore" and Victory Records' latest signing.
6/9/2012A new twenty-song Victory Records sampler is now online.
10/14/2010Victory Records has enlisted Gilbert Gottfried to speak out about music piracy.
12/6/2004The holiday ecard from Victory Records (here) is slightly amusing.


2/10/2019Victory Records signs Don't Sleep (Dag Nasty, Down By Law)
6/8/2018Jungle Rot announce new album, premiere song
1/20/2018Jungle Rot reissues 'What Horrors Await' album
10/20/2017Victory Records signs We Were Sharks
9/15/2017Continents add new members, reveal split with Victory Records
6/15/2017Shattered Sun announce new album, premiere song
5/17/2017Victory Records signs For The Win
5/6/2017Conveyer announce new album, premiere song
4/26/2017Darkest Hour frontman calls out Victory Records
2/7/2017Victory Records signs We Ride
11/30/2016Victory Records to appeal A Day To Remember verdict
11/23/2016A Day To Remember wins $4 million verdict against Victory Recs
9/10/2016Seeker detail new album, premiere new song
8/12/2016Victory Records refutes claims made by A Day To Remember
3/18/2016Victory Records signs Abandonded By Bears, new song online
2/27/2016Darkness Divided announce new album, premiere video
11/10/2015Victory Records and Spotify resolve royalty dispute
11/3/2015Victory Records threatens layoffs over Spotify dispute
10/26/2015Victory Records signs High Hopes
10/22/2015Victory Records suing Streetlight Manifesto for $1 million
10/20/2015Spotify pulls Victory Records releases amid dispute
9/4/2015Continents announce new album, premiere song
6/30/2015Victory Records signs Conveyer
5/27/2015Jungle Rot album set for release; new song online
4/24/2015Kissing Candice announces debut album
3/10/2015Victory Records signs Broadside
2/5/2015Victory Records signs Shattered Sun
12/19/2014Victory Records signs ForeverAtLast
12/10/2014Blackguard return, part ways with Victory Records
11/12/2014Victory Records signs Kissing Candice
3/25/2014Victory Records signs Feed Her To The Sharks
2/4/2014Victory Records signs Meridian
1/30/2014The Bunny The Bear announces new album, tour
1/28/2014Victory Records signs Darkness Divided
1/13/2014Comeback Kid to release new album in March
12/4/2013A Day To Remember sells 92K albums without label
11/22/2013Bloodlet: unreleased material due out in January
10/4/2013Judge: A Day To Remember can release new album
9/18/2013Emmure re-signs w/ Victory; new album out in 2014
9/4/2013Victory Records signs Islander
8/26/2013BTBAM doesn't endorse new 'Snapshot' release
8/24/2013A Day To Remember to release new album in October
7/26/2013Design the Skyline dropped by Victory, breaks up
7/17/2013Victory to distribute Mutant League Records
6/12/2013Victory Records signs Neurotic November
5/13/2013Victory to distribute I Scream Records
5/10/2013Victory Records signs Seeker
4/3/2013Victory Records signs Erimha
3/4/2013The Bunny The Bear announces new album
1/29/2013Jungle Rot announces new album
1/15/2013Terror signs with Victory Records
1/15/2013Tear Out The Heart album set for release
12/19/2012Pathology replaces two members
10/16/2012Victory Records signs Snow White's Poison Bite
10/11/2012Victory Records signs Fall City Fall
9/4/2012Victory Records signs As They Burn
8/7/2012Victory Records signs Tear Out the Heart
7/16/2012Victory to distribute We Are Triumphant Records
7/5/2012Pathology album set for release
6/15/2012Victory Records signs Continents
5/23/2012A Hero A Fake announces new album
2/13/2012God Forbid announces new album
2/1/2012Wretched announces new album
1/20/2012Emmure re-signs with Victory Records
12/30/2011Before There Was Rosalyn breaks up
12/15/2011Victory responds to A Day To Remember lawsuit
12/14/2011A Day To Remember suing Victory Records
9/16/2011Victory inks new distribution deal with Standby
8/8/2011Victory Records signs God Forbid
5/16/2011Victory Records signs Design The Skyline
5/7/2011Victory Records signs Counterparts
5/1/2011Victory Records signs These Hearts
4/26/2011Victory Records signs Jungle Rot
3/14/2011Victory Records signs Victorian Halls
2/15/2011Victory Records signs The Bunny The Bear
10/11/2010Victory Records signs Blackguard
10/8/2010Silverstein leaves Victory, writing new album
7/27/2010Victory Records signs Dr. Acula
4/13/2010Victory Records signs Grave Maker
3/17/2010Victory Records signs Ill Nino
12/12/2009Victory Records signs Pathology
11/2/2009Victory Records signs Close Your Eyes
7/22/2009Victory Recs signs Before There Was Rosalyn
6/12/2009Victory Records signs Destrophy
4/6/2009Victory Records signs OTEP
9/23/2008Victory Records signs two bands
7/14/2008Victory Records signs A Hero A Fake
2/13/2008Endwell, Damnation A.D. no longer on Victory
11/14/2007Victory Recs, Torgue Recordings sign distro deal
11/6/2007Carnifex signs w/ Victory Records
10/22/2007Victory Records signs Jamie's Elsewhere
9/27/2007Victory Records signs Red I Flight
7/30/2007Farewell To Freeway signs w/ Victory Records
7/30/2007Victory inks Secret Lives of the Freemasons
7/25/2007Victory Recs announces more vinyl releases
7/20/2007Victory to release Taking Back Sunday album
6/29/2007Victory Recs announces new Thursday release
6/4/2007Victory Records signs Arise and Ruin
4/16/2007Victory Records set to release limited vinyl
3/30/2007Damnation A.D. signs w/ Victory Records
3/30/2007Victory Records expands into tour booking
2/22/2007Victory Records inks With Blood Comes Cleansing
2/13/2007Victory Records signs Nodes Of Ranvier
11/8/2006Driver Side Impact signs w/ Victory Records
11/1/2006Victory Records signs 1997
9/29/2006Victory Records signs The Warriors
8/30/2006Victory Records signs Emmure
8/8/2006Victory Records signs Beneath The Sky
7/21/2006Victory Records signs A Day To Remember
5/11/2006Victory Records signs In Vitro
4/28/2006Victory Records signs Endwell
3/23/2006Victory Records signs On The Last Day
2/11/2006Four Letter Lie sign w/ Victory Records
2/10/2006Victory Recs signs Nights Like These
9/28/2005Victory Records signs two bands
3/17/2005Victory Records signs The Tossers
2/24/2005Victory Records signs With Honor
12/16/2004Victory Records signs Aiden
11/20/2004Victory Records signs The Audition
10/21/2004Victory Records signs Comeback Kid
10/6/2004Victory Records signs two bands
9/28/2004Solid State / Victory Records CMJ showcase
8/25/2004XDOANEX signs deal w/ Victory Records
7/12/2004Victory Records signs The Black Maria
6/1/2004Victory Recs to reissue Darkest Hour album w/ DVD
4/29/2004Bury Your Deads signs w/ Victory Records
4/22/2004Dead To Fall enters studio
3/9/2004A18 recording new album
3/6/2004A Perfect Murder records full-length
3/5/2004Dead To Fall prepares new release
2/4/2004The Hurt Process joins Victory Records roster
12/30/2003A Perfect Murder signs w/ Victory Records
12/12/2003Victory Records signs Hawthorne Heights
5/20/2003Victory Records signs Premonitions Of War
5/20/2003Scars Of Tomorrow signs with Victory
1/3/2003Between The Buried And Me signs w/ Victory
10/14/2002Victory Records signs Silverstein
5/30/2002More Thursday and Victory Records fallout
5/17/2002Martyr AD signs with Victory Records
4/17/2002MCA acquires portion of Victory Records
1/23/2002First half of Victory Records tour confirmed
1/10/2002Victory Records signs Dead To Fall
12/14/2001Atreyu signs with Victory Records
7/29/2001Victory announces signing of Ringworm
3/26/2001Victory inks the Hoods & Student Rick