Vader news


4/3/2020Vader premiere new single
1/27/2020Vader debut first single from upcoming album
4/26/2019Vader premiere song from upcoming EP
10/28/2016Vader has unveiled a new track from their upcoming album.
10/13/2016A song from Vader's upcoming album is now online.
5/31/2014Vader's new album can now be streamed in its entirety.
5/16/2014Vader has premiered a second song from their forthcoming album.
4/16/2014Vader has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.
3/28/2014A trailer for the forthcoming Vader album is now online.
8/31/2011An audio preview of the new Vader album can be found here.
8/5/2011Another new Vader track is now available online.
7/4/2011A new Vader song can be downloaded via this link (email si
4/18/2011Vader has issued another "studio report" video.
9/25/2006Vader's new video for "Helleluyah (God Is Dead)" is now online.
7/22/2006Candlelight Records has posted tracks from the upcoming Vader and Dead Man In Reno releases.


8/3/2020Decapitated recording new music
3/12/2020Vader to release new album in May
12/4/2019Vader, Abysmal Dawn, Hideous Divinity tour
5/20/2019Listenable Records signs Berzerker Legion
12/21/2018Decapitated drummer quits band
9/10/2018Vader, Entombed AD to tour Europe, UK
3/8/2017Vader, Decapitated tour dates (Europe)
3/1/2017Vader, Immolation set to tour Europe
1/17/2017Vader, Internal Bleeding, Sacrificial Slaughter tour
8/25/2016Vader, Hate Eternal, Threat Signal tour (Europe)
6/13/2016Vader to release new album in September
7/18/2015Venom, Vader set for tour of Europe
1/25/2015Vader, Hate tour (Europe)
11/25/2014Six Feet Under, Marduk, Vader tour dates (Europe)
9/24/2014Metal Blade Records signs Vesania
4/16/2014Kreator, Arch Enemy, Vader tour (Europe)
3/7/2014Vader completes new album
12/7/2013Vader recording new album
7/24/2013Vader announces U.S. tour
6/16/2013Vader, Vital Remains tour dates
4/3/2013Vader, Melechesh tour (Europe)
12/6/2012Vader, Bonded By Blood, Aborted tour (Europe)
10/2/2012Vader tour (Europe)
9/1/2012Decapitated drummer quits band
8/16/2011Gorgoroth, Vader, Valkyrja tour (Europe)
3/21/2011Vader replaces two members
3/18/2011Vader tour schedule (Europe)
2/16/2011Vader bassist quits band
1/15/2011Vader prepares new album
5/14/2010Immolation, Vader, Abigail Williams tour
11/30/2009Overkill, Vader, God Dethroned, Warbringer tour
6/24/2009Vader, Decrepit Birth, Warbringer, etc. tour
4/9/2009Nuclear Blast Records signs Vader
9/14/2006Vader and Severe Torture tour (Europe)
1/6/2006Kataklysm, Vader, Graveworm, etc. tour