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4/1/2014 This Is Hardcore Fest 2014 lineup announced
12/2/2011 Turmoil continues work on new album
1/23/2009 Turmoil announces singer, debuts new song
12/11/2008 Turmoil selects new singer
10/10/2008 Turmoil seeks new singer
10/2/2008 WarCrime Records reissues Turmoil vinyl
9/30/2008 Turmoil singer leaves band
11/29/2007 Turmoil recording new album
4/20/2007 Sincerity Fest (PA) details
2/15/2007 Turmoil signs w/ Eulogy Recordings
1/31/2007 Turmoil and The Jonbenet mini-tour (TX)
10/19/2006 Turmoil comments on label departure
10/16/2006 Turmoil leaves Abacus Recordings
10/13/2005 Turmoil and Nine tour (Europe)
7/14/2005 Turmoil, The Warriors, etc. tour
2/14/2005 Turmoil reunion show set
2/10/2005 Turmoil prepare to enter studio
12/9/2004 Turmoil gets new bassist
11/29/2004 Turmoil to record in January
10/27/2004 Turmoil prepare to record, hit Europe
9/24/2004 Turmoil retrospective confirmed
8/16/2004 Turmoil discography, reunion show talks
4/13/2003 The Kiss Of Death releases demo
12/11/2002 The Kiss Of Death (ex-Turmoil) in studio

News Tidbits
6/15/2019 I said it on Twitter, I'll say it here... this is the most underrated metalcore band ever.
12/7/2017 If you want to know what actual metalcore is, look no further than this amazing record.
9/29/2014 Video footage of Turmoil's set from This Is Hardcore 2014 is available online.
2/11/2009 Turmoil will play their first show with new singer Nate Johnson on March 21st at Kungfu Necktie in Philadelphia, PA.
8/12/2008 With the music now complete, Turmoil is currently finishing up the vocals for their new album.
1/31/2007 Turmoil has posted a live video from a recent performance in Philadelphia.
12/12/2006 Turmoil has found a new label. You will find out who in early-January.
11/11/2005 Most Precious Blood has replaced Nine on the bill for Turmoil's January tour of Europe.
10/13/2005 Abacus has posted an ecard for the new Turmoil retrospective.
9/25/2005 Turmoil will be touring Europe with Nine for a few weeks beginning on January 13th.
6/25/2005 The Turmoil discography is now slated for an August 26th release.
12/27/2004 Turmoil played a surprise reunion show in Sayreville, NJ on 12/26.
12/17/2004 The Turmoil reunion show is now tentatively slated for April 2005 in Philadelphia.

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