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Tue Madsen

1/10/2022 Vio-lence premiere first new song in 29 years, to release 'Let The World Burn' EP
7/23/2021 Møl to release new album in November
1/17/2018 Madball set to record new album
8/22/2017 Moonspell to release new album in November
7/20/2016 Heaven Shall Burn announce new album, premiere song
7/4/2016 Dawn Of Demise album set for release
4/5/2016 Meshuggah thought to be recording new album
3/4/2014 The Haunted recording new album
1/29/2014 Sick Of It All writing new album
5/6/2013 Hatesphere recording new album
4/2/2012 The Agonist's new album set for release
9/12/2011 Sick Of It All re-records songs for new album
8/25/2011 The Agonist wrapping up new album
5/27/2011 Hatesphere announces new bassist, tour dates
10/17/2010 The Haunted set to record new album
5/27/2010 Kataklysm completes new album
3/29/2010 Neaera prepares new album
3/11/2010 Kataklysm finishes writing new album
11/6/2009 Sick Of It All recording new album
10/22/2009 Prosthetic Records signs Mantric
8/4/2009 Mnemic selects producer for new album
11/3/2008 Earth Crisis finishes recording new album
10/7/2008 Hatesphere set to enter studio
7/12/2008 The Haunted details new album
5/20/2008 Metal Blade Records signs One-Way Mirror
2/21/2008 To Kill finishes new album
2/21/2008 Lifeforce Records signs The Psyke Project
10/16/2007 Heaven Shall Burn set to release new album
6/4/2007 Himsa finishes recording new album
4/23/2007 Himsa recording new album
4/9/2007 Suicide Silence completes new album
1/30/2007 Solid State Records signs Cry Of The Afflicted
11/30/2006 Himsa signs w/ Century Media Records
11/23/2006 August Burns Red to enter studio in Feb.
11/20/2006 Aborted album set for release
8/25/2006 Born From Pain recording new album
2/18/2006 Cataract finish recording new album
2/1/2006 Cataract recording new album
12/9/2005 Lifeforce Records signs Raunchy
10/24/2005 Sick Of It All signs w/ Abacus Recs
9/9/2005 Callenish Circle complete new album
8/5/2005 Hatesphere finish new album
7/18/2005 Urkraft begin recording Earache debut
5/24/2005 Watch Them Die complete new album
5/9/2005 Earache Records signs Urkraft
5/5/2005 Himsa album and tour update
4/2/2005 Himsa set to enter studio
3/3/2005 Born From Pain finish new album
2/28/2005 Caliban and Heaven Shall Burn split
1/12/2005 Zero Mentality complete new album
11/23/2004 Born From Pain signs w/ Metal Blade
11/10/2004 Exmortem new album details
10/12/2004 Exmortem signs with Wicked World/Earache
6/30/2004 Cataract completes work on new album
5/11/2004 Metal Blade Records signs Cataract
2/15/2004 No Turning Back finishes recording
5/8/2003 Gangstyle Records signs Knuckledust

News Tidbits
3/7/2018 Ice-T will appear on the new Madball record.

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