Trustkill Records news


5/26/2020here's our new video interview with Trustkill Records founder Josh Grabelle


8/2/2014Terror re-releasing old records through new label
4/22/2012Poison The Well teases news
6/23/2010Trustkill founder launches Bullet Tooth
3/2/2010Trustkill signs Deception Of A Ghost
12/15/2009Trustkill Records signs Victory In Numbers
11/16/2009Trustkill Records signs Kid Liberty
10/5/2009Trustkill signs The Great American Beast
9/10/2009Saw VI soundtrack details announced
9/8/2009ArmsBendBack prepares to release new album
4/29/2009This Is Hell and Trustkill part ways
4/21/2009Trustkill Records signs Awaken Demons
9/3/2008Trustkill Records signs Adversary
8/18/2008Bleeding Through, Trustkill Recs mend fences
6/6/2008Bleeding Through calls out Trustkill Records
3/28/2008Throwdown no longer under contract w/ Trustkill
1/28/2008Trustkill responds to Hopesfall accusations
10/15/2007Trustkill Records signs StoneRider
9/20/2007Trustkill Records signs Memphis May Fire
8/29/2007Too Pure To Die signs w/ Trustkill Records
7/30/2007Trustkill Records signs Soldiers
6/27/2007Trustkill Records signs City Sleeps
6/11/2007SPV and Trustkill announce joint venture
2/22/2007Trustkill Records signs Fightstar
2/20/2007UMPG, Trustkill Records announce joint venture
2/14/2007Trustkill Records announces Sick City signing
1/8/2007Trustkill Records partners with Fontana
11/13/2006Trustkill Records signs Sick City
4/6/2006Trustkill Takeover Tour dates
1/12/2006Trustkill Records signs First Blood
12/19/2005This Is Hell sign w/ Trustkill Records
11/28/2005Trustkill Records hires VP Of Sales
11/21/2005Trustkill Records signs Crash Romeo
10/6/2005Trustkill, Darren Doane form production company
5/31/2005Trustkill signs Bullet For My Valentine
1/26/2005Trustkill Records signs Fight Paris
12/22/2004Trustkill signs Bedlight For Blueeyes
4/22/2004Terror signs with Trustkill Records
4/7/2004Trustkill Records signs It Dies Today
3/23/2004Eighteen Visions update
3/15/2004Roses Are Red signs w/ Trustkill Records
6/24/2003ArmsBendBack signs with Trustkill Records
2/24/2003Throwdown signs with Trustkill Records
1/15/2003Bleeding Through signs with Trustkill
7/17/2002Trustkill Records inks Open Hand
2/11/2002Hopesfall signs with Trustkill Records
6/10/2001Most Precious Blood and Trustkill
11/29/2000Something cool over at Trustkill
11/6/2000Trustkill inks Spark Lights The Friction