Tribunal Records news


3/5/2012Tribunal Records' 100th release, Tribunal Records 100: Cover To Cover, can currently be streamed in its entirety.


1/30/2014Killwhitneydead LP set for release; debut new song
1/13/2012Tribunal Records to release Dr. Living Dead album
12/10/2011Tribunal Records signs Labyrinthe
8/9/2010Tribunal Records signs Vanisher
11/3/2009Tribunal Records to release Uncle Slam debut
5/13/2009Tribunal Records to release Inferi album
2/9/2009Tribunal Records signs Asecretdeath
5/7/2008Tribunal Records signs Enemy Is Us
4/21/2008Tribunal Records signs Hereafter An Odyssey
1/31/2008Tribunal Recs signs A Thousand Times Repent
5/25/2007Tribunal Records signs three bands
4/26/2007The Demonstration news and notes
3/2/2007Tribunal Records signs From The Shallows
2/6/2007Tribunal Records signs Upside
1/19/2007Liferuiner signs w/ Tribunal Records
12/10/2006Tribunal Records signs Woe Of Tyrants
10/19/2006Tribunal Records signs Her Candane
1/13/2006Tribunal Records signs two bands
11/5/2005Tribunal Records signs two bands
9/13/2005Tribunal Records fire update
9/6/2005Tribunal Records goes up in flames
8/18/2005Century sign w/ Tribunal Records
6/1/2005Tribunal Records signs three bands
4/18/2005Tribunal Records signs The Taste Of Blood
2/7/2005Tribunal Recs signs Slowmotion Apocalypse
1/21/2005Tribunal Recs to re-release From Here On album
12/14/2004Tribunal Records signs The Cardinal Effect
10/7/2004Tribunal Records signs Sonoma Aero
9/4/2004Tribunal Records signs The Chase Theory
5/18/2004Killing Theory joins Tribunal Records roster
3/10/2004Tribunal Records to release He Is Legend EP
2/6/2004Killwhitneydead news and notes
1/24/2004Killwhitneydead to record new full-length
8/25/2003One Six Conspiracy signs with Tribunal Records
8/25/2003Tribunal to release The Kiss Of Death demo
3/10/2003Tribunal Records announces new signings
1/14/2003Self Portrait signs with Tribunal Records
12/2/2002Tribunal Records signs Amazing Device
11/27/2002Tribunal Records not releasing Scarlet LP
10/16/2002Tribunal Records signs two bands
9/9/2002Tribunal inks The Underwater (ex-Boywunder)
6/2/2002Tribunal Records inks Everafter
5/22/2002Aria to begin recording new MCD
4/19/2002Baltimore's Samadhi signs with Tribunal
2/7/2002Tribunal inks Grieving The Days To Come
1/16/2002Aria inks deal with Tribunal Records
1/16/2002Tribunal not releasing At War With Shadows MCD