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Translation Loss Records

11/4/2022 Re-Buried announce debut full-length album; drop new single
9/5/2022 Ready For Death prepare for debut full-length album
9/5/2022 Choke premiere title track off upcoming EP 'Desiphon'
7/12/2022 Black Metal Duo Xenoglyph Unveil Full Length "Spiritfraud" Ahead of Release
6/2/2022 Northless sign with Translation Loss Records, announce new album
3/8/2022 Come To Grief announce debut album, drop new single feat. Jacob Bannon of Converge
9/23/2021 APES sign with Translation Loss Records, announce new record
3/30/2021 Hellish Form announce new album
11/17/2020 Translation Loss Records signs Swampbeast
11/21/2019 Bloodlet debut new song, to release EP in December
8/28/2019 Dysrhythmia announce new album, debut first single
5/20/2019 Cable set to release first new album in 10 years
3/20/2019 Call Of The Void announce new album, premiere song
4/16/2018 Translation Loss Records to release debut Amarok album
9/11/2017 Gnaw complete new album, premiere song
4/11/2017 Comity set to release new album
7/29/2016 Mouth of the Architect announce new album, premiere song
7/24/2016 Translation Loss Records signs Bhavachakra
3/28/2015 Starkweather announces 2xCD deluxe reissue
9/30/2014 Giant Squid to release new album in October
9/16/2014 Generation Of Vipers album set for release
9/4/2014 Translation Loss signs House Of Lightning
9/28/2013 East Of The Wall album set for release
4/11/2013 Mouth of the Architect set to release new album
2/6/2013 Translation Loss Records signs Lesbian
3/1/2012 Translation Loss signs Generation of Vipers
5/4/2011 Translation Loss signs Bringers Of Disease
2/27/2011 Translation Loss Records signs Graviton
10/30/2009 Translation Loss Recs signs East Of The Wall
6/18/2009 Translation Loss Records signs Giant Squid
4/13/2009 Translation Loss Recs signs City Of Ships
3/17/2009 Translation Loss Records signs Gods Revolver
2/6/2009 Translation Loss Recs signs Struck By Lightning
9/18/2008 Translation Loss Records signs Battlefields
11/8/2007 Translation Loss to release Zodiak debut
8/13/2007 Translation Loss Records signs Fight Amp
7/17/2007 Translation Loss Records signs Javelina
4/12/2007 Translation Loss Records signs Bloodhorse
1/16/2007 Translation Loss inks Total Fucking Destruction
12/14/2006 Translation Loss Records signs Irepress
11/15/2006 Translation Loss Records signs Declan De Barra
5/23/2006 American Heritage sign w/ Translation Loss
5/16/2006 Translation Loss Records signs Andrew Tweedy
3/14/2006 Translation Loss re-signs Mouth Of The Architect
11/27/2005 Droves sign w/ Translation Loss Records
7/31/2004 Translation Loss signs Mouth Of The Architect

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