Tombs news


2/22/2021Tombs debut new video
11/19/2020Tombs stream new album
10/20/2020Tombs share new single
9/28/2020Tombs stream new track
2/27/2020Tombs stream new EP
1/17/2020Tombs unveil new song
7/25/2017Tombs has unveiled a new music video.
6/15/2017The new Tombs album can now be streamed in its entirety.
3/28/2016A full stream of the new Tombs EP is available online.
3/2/2016Tombs have released a music video for "V."
10/13/2014Tombs' have uploaded a video for their cover of the David Bowie song "Heroes."
8/11/2014Tombs new music video for "Seance" is now online.
6/3/2014A full album stream of the new Tombs LP is available online.
5/20/2014Tombs have unveiled another track from their new album.
4/22/2014Tombs have premiered the first new song from Savage Gold, their next album.
4/10/2014A trailer for the forthcoming Tombs album is now online.
8/29/2012Tombs have unveiled their cover of David Bowie's "Heroes."
8/17/2012Tombs has debuted a new song titled "Ashes."
10/3/2011Tombs have been added to the CMJ BV Rocks Off boat show on October 22nd with Skeletonwitch and Kv
5/31/2011Tombs new full-length can currently be streamed in its entirety.
4/29/2011Another new Tombs track is available online.
3/25/2011Tombs has debuted a track from their forthcoming release.
2/16/2009Tombs' new album can now be streamed in its entirety.
1/31/2009Tombs has unveiled yet another track (titled "The Divide") from their forthcoming album.
1/9/2009Another song from Tombs' forthcoming release is available online.
11/5/2008Tombs has uploaded a track from their Relapse Records debut, due out in February.
2/10/2008Tombs have posted a new demo track.


9/5/2020Tombs detail new album, debut first single
1/27/2020Napalm Death, Aborted, Tombs tour announced
12/11/2019Tombs sign with Season Of Mist, premiere new song
7/7/2018Berserker Music Fest 2018 lineup announced
3/21/2018Shadow Woods Metal Fest 2018 announced
3/13/2018Tombs tour dates
10/4/2017Crowbar, Tombs, Incite tour announced
9/2/20171349 announces U.S. tour dates
4/18/2017Fit For An Autopsy announces headline tour
4/13/2017Tombs announce new album, premiere song
1/10/2017Tombs begin recording new album
12/13/2016Darkest Hour, Ringworm, Rotten Sound, Tombs tour
8/16/2016Tombs sign with Metal Blade Records
2/3/2016Tombs announce new EP, premiere song
11/23/20151349, Tombs, Full of Hell announce U.S. tour
11/5/20151349, Tombs, Full Of Hell set for U.S. tour
5/19/2015Eyehategod, Godflesh, more set for Hopscotch 2015
1/27/2015Tombs, Black Anvil announce European tour
7/7/2014Pallbearer, Tombs, Vattnet Viskar tour
3/27/2014Tombs to release new album in June
3/26/2014Pelican, Tombs, Nothing tour dates
12/30/2013Tombs complete new album, Savage Gold
11/11/2013Tombs begin recording new album
11/16/2012Converge to headline Decibel's 100th issue event
9/18/2012Tombs, -16- tour dates
3/11/2012Tombs shoots new video
2/8/2012Tombs, Heirophant tour dates (Europe)
2/3/2012Tombs tour schedule
1/31/2012Ulcerate tour dates
1/18/2012Relapse Records announces Scion Label Showcase
5/24/2011Tombs, The Secret tour (Europe)
3/10/2011Tombs completes new album
2/6/2011Wormrot, Tombs tour dates
12/7/2010Tombs recording new album
10/23/2010Tombs collection set for release
7/30/2010Tombs, Planks tour dates
5/17/2010Isis, Tombs tour dates
2/25/2010Tombs tour dates
2/5/2010Mayhem, Ludicra, Tombs tour cancelled
1/25/2010Mayhem, Ludicra, Tombs tour
8/13/2009Buried Inside, Tombs tour (Europe)
7/29/2009Kylesa, Doomriders, Tombs tour dates
6/23/2009Engineer, Tides tour dates
2/7/2009Pelican, Tombs tour dates
1/11/2009Tombs shoots new video
11/4/2008Dysrhythmia, Tombs tour dates
9/29/2008Tombs looking for new drummer
9/4/2008Tombs completes new album
8/12/2008Tombs recording new album
6/19/2008Relapse Records signs Tombs
8/13/2007Level Plane Records to release Tombs debut