Thick As Blood news


3/13/2013Thick As Blood has posted a video for their song "Diente Por Diente."
8/21/2012Thick As Blood has debuted their new video for "The Outsiders."
7/10/2012Thick As Blood's new album can now be streamed in its entirety.
7/5/2012Another new Thick As Blood song is available online.
6/16/2012Thick As Blood has debuted a track from their forthcoming Rise Records debut.
11/10/2011Thick As Blood has debuted new song (Facebook 'Like' required).
10/26/2010Thick As Blood has begun writing their next album.
9/11/2009Thick As Blood's new video for "Raising Hell" is now online.
4/8/2009Thick As Blood's new album can currently be streamed online.
3/23/2009Thick As Blood has posted another song from their upcoming release.
3/8/2009Another new Thick As Blood song is available online.
2/24/2009Thick As Blood has posted a track from their next release.
12/15/2008Thick As Blood has uploaded a new studio diary video.
11/18/2008Video of Thick As Blood pre-producing their next release can be seen here.
3/6/2008A video for the Thick As Blood track "Lead The Victory" has been uploaded.
2/15/2008Thick As Blood will demo material this weekend for a new full-length.
9/1/2007Thick As Blood has posted three songs from their recent Eulogy release.
5/31/2007Thick As Blood has posted two songs from their upcoming album.


2/24/2015Thick As Blood members cast in new Netflix series
3/14/2014Legion drops off Thick As Blood tour
2/26/2014Thick As Blood, Betrayal, Kublai Khan tour dates
1/24/2014Thick As Blood, Legion, Leaders tour announced
1/7/2014Thick As Blood confirms break-up
12/18/2013Today's Mixtape Festival 2014 lineup announced
12/18/2013Thick As Blood breaking up
3/22/2013Gideon, Thick As Blood, Sworn In mini-tour
3/12/2013Bermuda drops off tour
2/14/2013Thick As Blood, Bermuda, Hardside tour dates
1/9/2013Thick As Blood drops off Impending Doom tour
12/7/2012Betrayal, Thick As Blood tour (Europe)
11/14/2012Impending Doom, Thick As Blood, The Browning tour
9/7/2012Thick As Blood, King Conquer, Delusions tour dates
7/26/2012Thick As Blood to shoot new video
6/4/2012Lionheart, Thick As Blood, Dead Icons tour
5/9/2012Thick As Blood unveils album release date, teaser
3/29/2012Thick As Blood signs with Rise Records
1/16/2012For The Fallen Dreams replaces drummer
10/18/2011Thick As Blood prepares new album
8/21/2011Thick As Blood, Legend, The Plot In You tour
8/15/2011Oceano, Legend, Thick As Blood mini-tour
5/28/2011Bury Your Dead, Evergreen Terrace, etc. tour
5/11/2011Thick As Blood members in new Rick Ross video
10/29/2010As Blood Runs Black, Thick As Blood tour
6/15/2010As Blood Runs Black, Oceano to headline tour
6/13/2010Thick As Blood tour (Japan)
3/22/2010Ex-Oceano guitarist joins Thick As Blood
3/18/2010ETID, Terror, All Shall Perish, etc. tour (UK)
3/18/2010Earth Crisis, First Blood, Thick As Blood dates
3/10/2010Earth Crisis tour takes shape
3/1/2010Thick As Blood cancels Mexico tour
11/19/2009Emmure, Terror, After The Burial, etc. dates
11/9/2009The Mosh Lives Tour II announced
7/24/2009Thick As Blood, Venia, etc. tour
6/23/2009Thick As Blood seeks extras for video
4/9/2009Thick As Blood tour dates
9/5/2008Kids Like Us, Mongoloids, Thick As Blood tour
6/17/2008Thick As Blood, Recon, Miles Between tour
11/16/2007Thick As Blood, A Girl A Gun A Ghost dates
9/17/2007The Burning Season, Thick As Blood tour
4/26/2007Thick As Blood completes new album
3/16/2007Thick As Blood tour dates
1/11/2007Eulogy Recordings signs Thick As Blood