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The Ocean

4/30/2022 The Ocean headlining six-week tour of Europe, UK with LLNN and Playgrounded
3/27/2022 The Ocean vocalist Loïc Rossetti breaks both legs, exits tour
1/6/2022 The Ocean cancel European tour
11/16/2021 Leprous, The Ocean announce North American tour
8/17/2020 The Ocean announce European tour
2/16/2018 The Ocean recording new album
10/10/2016 Nightmarer (The Ocean, Gigan) signs with Season Of Mist
9/1/2016 The Ocean announces U.S. tour dates
1/21/2016 The Ocean cancels North American tour
1/16/2016 The Ocean tour dates
1/5/2016 Intronaut, The Ocean, North announce tour
9/14/2015 The Ocean set to release new split EP with Mono
9/10/2015 The Ocean announces new bassist
2/13/2015 Prosthetic Records signs Damian Murdoch Trio
1/14/2014 The Ocean, Scale The Summit, The Atlas Moth tour
12/7/2013 The Ocean announces new guitarist
10/31/2013 The Ocean announces new drummer
10/29/2013 The Ocean guitarist, drummer leaving band
9/26/2013 The Ocean details 'The Pelagial' DVD
7/22/2013 The Ocean, Shining tour (Europe)
3/22/2013 The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 lineup revealed
2/26/2013 The Ocean bassist steps down; fill-in announced
12/11/2012 The Ocean to release new album in April
4/12/2012 The Ocean tour (Australia)
10/27/2011 The Ocean tour dates
9/2/2011 The Ocean forced to miss U.S. tour
3/22/2011 The Ocean, Intronaut, Red Fang tour (Europe)
10/25/2010 The Ocean robbed in Spain
8/19/2010 The Ocean finishes recording new album
2/2/2010 The Ocean details upcoming releases
11/10/2009 The Ocean announces new singer
4/7/2009 The Ocean loses singer, seeks replacement
12/18/2008 The Ocean, Burst, Bison BC tour (Europe)
7/21/2008 Opeth, The Ocean, Cynic tour (Europe)
3/8/2008 The Ocean, Lair of the Minotaur tour
2/24/2008 The Ocean tour dates (Europe)
1/10/2008 The Ocean seeks new bassist
12/4/2007 Rotten Sound, The Ocean, Trap Them tour (Europe)
9/17/2007 Intronaut, The Ocean, etc. tour (Europe)
2/1/2007 The Ocean seeks new guitarist
6/9/2006 The Ocean replacing singer
10/7/2005 The Ocean sign w/ Metal Blade Records
9/8/2005 Burst and The Ocean split release

News Tidbits
9/10/2020 The Ocean share new song and video
8/19/2020 The Ocean issue new video
6/19/2019 The Ocean premiere new video
11/20/2018 We've reviewed The Ocean's new album.
10/2/2018 The Ocean premieres new track
2/7/2017 The Ocean has released a new live video.
10/9/2015 The Ocean has unveiled a new song.
5/8/2014 The Ocean has uploaded a Hong Kong performance video clip for "The City In The Sea."
3/10/2014 The Ocean has posted Part 2 of their World Tour documentary.
2/8/2014 The Ocean has debuted part one of their new tour documentary.
8/15/2013 The Ocean are having a little disagreement with Summer Slaughter Tour organizers over stage diving.
7/24/2013 The Ocean has posted their first official music video.
4/15/2013 Another track from The Ocean's upcoming album is available online.
3/4/2013 The Ocean has launched a teaser page for their forthcoming album.
9/9/2011 The Ocean will provide direct support for The Devin Townsend Project during their October tour.
10/6/2010 Metal Blade has debuted a track from The Ocean's forthcoming release.
4/6/2010 The Ocean has unveiled a song from their upcoming album.
10/7/2007 The Ocean has posted a new song from their upcoming album.

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