The Faceless news


6/15/2018The Faceless: "Don't let one 15-second video mold your entire opinion on us."
3/4/2018The Faceless take a lot of crap, but this album was tremendous.
10/31/2017A new The Faceless track is available online.
6/10/2017The Faceless has debuted a new song.
5/5/2016A one-minute preview of new material from The Faceless has been uploaded.
11/5/2015Good Tiger (ex-Tesseract, The Faceless) is streaming their debut record.
9/28/2015The Faceless has unveiled a new song titled "The Spiraling Void."
3/12/2015Entheos (ex-The Faceless, ex-Animosity) is streaming their debut EP in its entirety.
2/3/2015Entheos (ex-The Faceless, Animosity, etc.) has uploaded a new preview of their forthcoming EP. This is the first clip to include vocals.
1/12/2015Entheos (ex-The Faceless, Animosity, etc.) has uploaded a preview of some new music.
6/12/2014The Faceless teases new music.
6/4/2014Chris Letchford (Scale The Summit) has released the first single from his forthcoming jazz fusion album.
3/8/2014The Faceless is the latest band teased for the 2014 Summer Slaughter Tour.
1/17/2014The Faceless has uploaded a new video "Accelerated Evolution."
5/11/2013The Faceless members (ex and current) share things that shouldn't be shared.
2/19/2013The Faceless has premiered their first ever music video.
1/23/2013Former members of The Faceless appear in a new comedy sketch from director Richie Valdez.
8/17/2012If you haven't purchased The Faceless' new album yet, you can check out a song online.
8/3/2012The Faceless has uploaded another teaser video for their upcoming album.
11/10/2011The Faceless' new album is tentatively slated for a February 2012 release.
5/12/2011The Faceless has unveiled a new pre-production track.
11/19/2008The Faceless' new album, "Planetary Duality," has debuted at #119 on the Billboard 200 with over 5,500 copies sold.
11/12/2008A full stream of The Faceless' new album is available online.
10/22/2008Yet another new song from The Faceless is available online.
10/15/2008The Faceless has made another new song available online.
6/7/2008The Faceless has debuted a track from their forthcoming album, "Planetary Duality."
11/14/2006Several tracks from The Faceless' new album can be streamed online.


1/30/2021Ex-The Faceless, Black Dahlia members launch band, debut song
3/27/2020Devin Townsend debuts song w/ DEP, ex-The Faceless members
10/20/2019The Faceless working on two new releases
5/15/2019The Summer Slaughter Tour 2019 announced
1/21/2019Entheos bassist Evan Brewer quits band
11/14/2018The Faceless announce full dates for 'Planetary Duality' tour
10/19/2018The Faceless announces 'Planetary Duality' 10th anniversary tour
6/11/2018The Faceless anger fans with sloppy, abbreviated show
5/14/2018The Faceless, Lorna Shore, Dyscarnate tour
4/22/2018The Faceless unveils new line-up
4/16/2018The Faceless, AngelMaker tour dates (Canada)
4/2/2018The Faceless tour dates
3/22/2018ex-The Faceless guitarist says drugs at root of band problems
3/20/2018Michael Keene recruiting new The Faceless members
3/19/2018The Faceless vocalist, drummer, bassist all quit band
3/19/2018The Faceless vocalist Ken Sorceron quits the band
3/14/2018Montebello Rockfest 2018 lineup announced
3/7/2018Bay Area Death Fest 2018 announced
12/13/2017The Faceless album fails to chart on Billboard 200
11/15/2017The Faceless kicks Inanimate Existence off tour
11/14/2017The Faceless, Inanimate Existence tour dates
11/7/2017The Faceless to tour the UK, Ireland
10/19/2017The Faceless announces new album
7/28/2017The Faceless drummer quits band
6/9/2017Summer Slaughter 2017 dates announced, The Faceless added
5/25/2017The Faceless cancels European tour
5/11/2017The Faceless issue statement, fire back at tour promoter
5/11/2017The Faceless cancel tour, called 'unprofessional' by promoter
4/21/2017The Faceless completes new album
3/3/2017The Faceless tour dates (Europe, UK)
3/1/2017John Frum (DEP, ex-The Faceless) announce LP, premiere song
2/15/2017Dillinger Escape Plan, ex-The Faceless members launch band
1/31/2017The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless tour (Australia)
1/25/2017The Faceless' new album to feature Abigail Williams frontman
9/6/2016Abigail Williams announces new drummer
6/8/2016Black Crown Initiate recruits ex-The Faceless guitarist
5/23/2016The Faceless, The Zenith Passage mini-tour
3/4/2016The Faceless cancels North America tour
2/29/2016The Faceless, Scale The Summit, Rivers of Nihil tour dates
1/5/2016Between The Buried And Me, August Burns Red, Faceless tour
9/29/2015After The Burial explains decision to resume touring
9/28/2015The Faceless, After The Burial, Rings Of Saturn tour
9/28/2015The Faceless tour dates (Mexico)
9/23/2015Abhorrent (ex-The Faceless) to release debut LP
7/7/2015Entheos (ex-The Faceless, AAL) sign with Artery
4/13/2015The Faceless rejoined by original bassist
2/25/2015The Faceless announces new member
1/5/2015Ex-The Faceless, Animosity members launch Entheos
12/4/2014The Faceless vocalist Geoff Ficco quits band
11/26/2014The Faceless announces two shows
11/7/2014The Faceless cancels tour
10/28/2014The Faceless founder addresses band's future
10/21/2014The Faceless bassist, drummer quit band
10/6/2014The Faceless announces passing of one-time singer
8/22/2014The Faceless hit moose and total van
7/8/2014The Summer Slaughter Tour Canada announced
7/7/2014Protest The Hero, The Faceless tour (Europe)
5/2/2014The Summer Slaughter Tour 2014 dates announced
4/24/2014Summer Slaughter 2014 lineup announced
2/14/2014The Faceless part ways with guitarist Wes Hauch
1/18/2014Glass Casket adds The Faceless guitarist Wes Hauch
9/26/2013The Faceless bassist explains absence from tour
9/13/2013Allegaeon guitarist Ryan Glisan leaves band
6/14/2013BTBAM, The Faceless, The Contortionist tour
5/31/2013Nile, The Faceless tour (Australia)
5/23/2013Evan Brewer (The Faceless) set to release new LP
4/25/2013The Faceless stuck in Texas; missing shows
4/19/2013The Faceless, Within The Ruins tour dates (Canada)
2/25/2013Dillinger Escape Plan, The Faceless announce tour
2/14/2013Cradle of Filth cancels U.S. tour
1/28/2013The Faceless cancels UK tour
1/28/2013The Faceless announces new drummer
1/23/2013The Faceless drummer leaves band
12/18/2012Cradle of Filth, Faceless, Decapitated tour dates
12/11/2012Cradle of Filth, The Faceless, Decapitated tour
11/7/2012The Faceless, The Safety Fire tour (UK)
10/15/2012The Faceless, Revocation, Haarp Machine tour dates
9/19/2012Camping With Animals (As Leaders) announced
7/17/2012The Faceless unveils album release date, trailer
5/15/2012Periphery to release new album in July
4/23/2012Summer Slaughter Tour 2012 dates
3/4/2012The Faceless replaces guitarist
2/5/2012The Faceless added to Summer Slaughter 2012
1/24/2012Sumerian Records announces free "mix-tape" release
1/20/2012The Faceless, Dying Fetus, Volumes tour dates
1/20/2012Unearth announces new drummer
12/19/2011The Faceless, Dying Fetus, JFAC, Volumes tour
12/14/2011Metal Alliance Tour 2012 dates announced
12/9/2011Devildriver, Faceless, Dying Fetus, JFAC tour
10/27/2011The Faceless: new album is 'almost done'
9/7/2011Bereft (Intronaut, ex-Faceless) debuts song
5/19/2011The Faceless singer confirms departure
5/17/2011The Faceless singer no longer in band?
4/25/2011Evan Brewer (The Faceless) to release solo album
4/6/2011The Faceless announces new bassist
2/8/2011The Faceless re-signs with Sumerian Records
10/13/2010The Faceless prepares new album
9/1/2010Suffocation, Faceless, TTEOTD, etc. tour dates
8/3/2010Suffocation, Faceless, TTEOTD tour announced
5/14/2010The Faceless bass player quits group
4/26/2010Summer Slaughter 2010 dates
4/15/2010Summer Slaughter 2010 line-up revealed
4/7/2010The Faceless tour (Europe)
9/25/2009The Faceless, Dying Fetus to co-headline tour
9/1/2009BDM, 3 Inches Of Blood, Faceless tour (Europe)
7/5/2009In Flames, BTBAM, The Faceless dates
6/22/2009In Flames, BTBAM, The Faceless tour
4/6/2009The Faceless, Atheist, Psyopus tour dates
3/21/2009Cannibal Corpse, Faceless tour dates (Japan)
1/26/2009Cannibal Corpse, The Faceless, Neuraxis tour
1/22/2009The Faceless, Arsis, Misery Index tour
1/20/2009The Faceless banned by Anaheim House Of Blues
12/9/2008Meshuggah, Cynic, The Faceless tour
9/12/2008The Faceless prepares new album
9/7/2008Faceless, Abigail Williams, Neuraxis tour
6/18/2008The Faceless rejoined by ex-singer
1/23/2008The Faceless loses singer, seeks replacement
12/19/2007Suicide Silence, Light This City, etc. mini-tour
12/1/2007Nile, Suicide Silence, The Faceless tour
11/22/2007The Faceless, Arsis mini-tour
6/28/2007Job For A Cowboy, Despised Icon, ALOL tour
6/25/2007As Blood Runs Black kicks out drummer
4/27/2007Sumerian Records signs Born of Osiris
4/6/2007Summer Slaughter Tour announced
2/21/2007Animosity, Beneath The Massacre, etc. tour
2/7/2007Light This City, The Faceless, Antagonist tour
1/27/2007The Faceless seeks new drummer
11/30/2006Necrophagist, Ion Dissonance, Skinless, tour
10/14/2006Necrophagist, Skinless, Ion Dissonance dates