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The Demonstration

4/28/2016 ex-The Demonstration, Killwhitneydead guitarist dies
4/24/2016 ex-Killwhitneydead drummer joins Fear The United
5/1/2010 Killwhitneydead, Demonstration tour cancelled
4/9/2010 The Demonstration set to record new album
10/23/2009 The Demonstration bassist leaves band
4/12/2009 Killwhitneydead, Wretched, Demonstration tour
1/15/2009 Destroy The Runner, Blind Witness tour dates
11/8/2008 Killwhitneydead, Salt The Wound tour
3/18/2008 Killwhitneydead, Carnifex, etc. tour
3/13/2008 The Demonstration signs w/ Mediaskare Recs
11/8/2007 Killwhitneydead, Bloodjinn tour dates
9/27/2007 Bloodjinn, The Classic Struggle, etc. tour
5/30/2007 Killwhitneydead, Tony Danza Tapdance tour
5/10/2007 Killwhitneydead, The Demonstration, etc. tour
4/26/2007 The Demonstration news and notes
5/16/2006 Killwhitneydead and The Demonstration tour
6/1/2005 Tribunal Records signs three bands

News Tidbits
4/10/2016 Drummer Pete Jackson (Killwhitneydead, The Demonstration) is returning to the music world, but he needs your help.
3/1/2011 The Demonstration has uploaded two tracks from their forthcoming album.
1/30/2011 Apparently Peter Jackson (The Demonstration, Killwhitneydead) was arrested in late-2010 for drug traffick
2/9/2010 Lady Gaga herself has posted a Twitter link to The Demonstration's <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yONQjYs6cHU" target="
4/23/2006 Two new The Demonstration (Tribunal Records) songs are now online.

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