The Banner news


5/15/2015Video of merch table body slam ends too soon.
12/9/2014The Banner's brand new album can now be streamed in its entirety.
11/11/2014The Banner has debuted another new song.
10/29/2014The Banner has debuted another track from their forthcoming album.
6/14/2012The Banner has debuted a new track.
12/27/2011The Banner has uploaded a demo track from their forthcoming EP.
3/13/2010A new demo track from The Banner is available online here.
4/1/2008Both The Banner and Elysia have uploaded songs (here and here)
1/7/2008The Banner has uploaded a demo of a track from their forthcoming album.
4/29/2007The Banner, Emmure, and The Handshake Murders will be touring together in July. Dates will be announced soon.
6/8/2006The Banner's video for "Venom & Hope" and is now online.
7/11/2005Another song ("I'll Be Happy When You're Dead) from The Banner's upcoming album is now online.
5/14/2005Ferret has posted new songs from Boys Night Out and The Banner here.


2/5/2018The Banner begins work on new album
10/1/2015The Banner adds new guitarist
6/16/2015Don't Call It A Fest 2015 lineup finalized
12/1/2014Xibalba, All Out War, The Banner tour dates
10/17/2014The Banner album set for release
9/25/2014The Banner reveal new song, album, record label
6/21/2014Don't Call It A Fest 2014 lineup announced
4/9/2014The Banner, Agitator, Life For A Life tour dates
3/28/2014The Banner, Old Wounds tour dates
2/17/2014Breast Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
1/16/2014Rain Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
1/15/2014Heart Fest 8 lineup takes shape
10/3/2013Amityville Metal & Hardcore Festival info
11/18/2011The Banner set to record new EP
4/27/2010The Banner prepares final release
1/12/2010The Banner calls it quits
4/28/2009Wolve (The Banner) prepares new release
12/2/2008The Banner singer forms Wolve
8/10/2008The Warriors, The Banner, etc. tour (Europe)
5/21/2008The Banner, The Hottness, Dr. Acula tour
4/13/2008Monsters Of The Deep Tour
4/5/2008The Banner, See You Next Tuesday, etc. tour
11/24/2007The Banner writing new album
7/7/2007The Banner, Emmure, The Handshake Murders tour
4/10/2007The Banner, Across Five Aprils, etc. tour
2/24/2007The Banner solidifies line-up
1/30/2007The Banner album update
1/4/2007The Banner and Bela Kiss tour
12/31/2006The Banner working on new album
11/20/2006The Banner not done touring
11/1/2006The Banner announces final show
8/22/2006The Banner calls it quits
8/10/2006Heavy Heavy Low Low, Ed Gein, The Banner tour
3/4/2006The Banner film new video
11/16/2005The Banner and Nodes Of Ranvier tour
11/8/2005The Banner singer to launch comic book
9/3/2005Terror, The Banner, Donnybrook dates
3/2/2005The Banner new album update
11/19/2004The Banner writing new album
8/5/2004The Banner signs w/ Ferret Music