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4/22/2024 Kubali Khan TX to tour Australia this August with Terror
2/13/2024 Have Heart, Drain, Youth Of Today, Terror and more announced for Tied Down Detroit 2024
1/1/2024 Terror, All Out War, Twitching Tongues and more to play at Just Another Gig in Tacoma, WA
12/21/2023 Terror line up 2024 Euro trip with Nasty as support
12/8/2023 Eight Count release new single "Revenge" featuring Scott Vogel of Terror
11/28/2023 Poison The Well add second 'You Come Before You' Chicago date plus additional shows
8/7/2023 Terror share off dates for upcoming tour with Hatebreed
6/22/2023 Madball and Terror to headline Triple B x DAZE x Streets Of Hate Brooklyn Showcase
6/14/2023 Hatebreed announce 'The Rise of Brutality' anniversary tour w/ Terror, Vein.FM, and Jesus Piece
5/8/2023 Terror and possibly all hardcore banned from Ridglea Theater after security incident
5/6/2023 Terror, The Black Dahlia Murder show interrupted by overzealous security, "I don't think so!"
1/17/2023 The Black Dahlia Murder announce The Verminous Remnant Tour
11/30/2022 LDB Fest 2023 lineup is here, Knocked Loose & Terror to headline
11/16/2022 Terror to perform 'Lowest Of The Low' EP in its entirety
9/19/2022 Cinderblock (Terror, Snapcase, Earth Crisis) announce EP, share debut single
8/23/2022 Terror drop new single ft 'Corpsegrinder' and Death Threat cover B-side
8/11/2022 Call, featuring Terror's Nick Jett, share first track
7/6/2022 Knocked Loose, Dying Fetus, Terror, Omerta tour dates
6/9/2022 The Red Chord, Bleeding Through, more added to Tattoo The Earth festival
5/7/2022 Terror premiere 'Unashamed' music video
5/4/2022 Terror to tour Europe this summer
5/2/2022 This Is Hardcore 2022 full lineup announced
4/26/2022 Terror share title track of new album 'Pain Into Power'
4/6/2022 Terror premiere new track 'Boundless Contempt'
3/23/2022 Terror announce tour with Kublai Khan, Sanguisugabogg, Pain Of Truth
3/12/2022 Terror, Outburst, Mindforce, Dead Heat mini-tour
3/9/2022 Down, Terror, Shadows Fall, Acacia Strain, more added to 2022 Blue Ridge Rock Festival
3/8/2022 Terror announce new album 'Pain Into Power', premiere song feat. Corpsegrinder of Cannibal Corpse
2/4/2022 Kublai Khan announce new EP, premiere 'Swan Song' feat. Scott Vogel of Terror
12/30/2021 Terror cancel East Coast tour dates
12/3/2021 Terror announce East Coast tour dates with Pain Of Truth
9/1/2021 Knocked Loose, Terror co-headlining tour of Europe, UK
8/10/2021 Dying Fetus headlining fall tour with Terror, Brand Of Sacrifice
7/16/2021 DARE premiere new song ft. Terror frontman Scott Vogel
6/23/2021 Terror, Drain, One Step Closer, Dare tour announced
5/28/2021 Terror release 'The BBC Sessions' EP
2/18/2021 God's Hate announce new album, premiere lead single
2/2/2021 Terror re-record early tracks with Todd Jones for new release
12/10/2020 Lionheart and Terror announce European tour
12/2/2020 Terror surprise release 'Sink To The Hell' EP
11/13/2020 Terror announce livestream concert
8/7/2020 Terror announce 'Keepers Of The Faith' reissue
6/5/2020 The Ghost Inside bassist under fire for past racial slur
1/29/2020 Terror, Kublai Khan, Magnitude tour dates
1/16/2020 Terror, The Warriors tour dates
10/28/2019 For The Children 2019 to include Terror, Donnybrook, more
10/28/2019 Terror announce Australian tour with Malevolence
9/22/2019 LDB Fest 2020 lineup announced
8/20/2019 Terror, Cro-Mags JM, Jesus Piece to tour Europe, UK
8/19/2019 Every Time I Die announce Tid The Season 2019 lineup
7/10/2019 Terror premiere new song 'No Road Too Long'
4/30/2019 Stick To Your Guns, Counterparts, Terror tour announced
3/4/2019 Converge, Terror, Sect tour dates (Europe, UK)
11/28/2018 Hatebreed, Obituary, Cro-Mags, Terror, Fit For An Autopsy tour
10/22/2018 Stick To Your Guns, Terror to tour Australia
9/6/2018 Terror premieres new song and video
9/5/2018 FYA 6 lineup announced
8/9/2018 Terror, Harm's Way, Backtrack, Year Of The Knife tour
8/9/2018 Terror premiere new song, announce new album
5/13/2018 Terror recording new album
5/11/2018 Terror tour dates (Europe)
2/14/2018 Heartland Throwdown announced
1/9/2018 Terror to release new album this year
11/14/2017 Knocked Loose, Terror, Jesus Piece tour
11/7/2017 Terror, Regulate, Dare tour dates
10/11/2017 Knocked Loose, Terror to tour together
10/7/2017 For The Children 2017 announced
9/1/2017 Terror, Bent Life, Blind Justice tour dates
7/11/2017 No Warning, Backtrack, Twitching Tongues tour announced
6/26/2017 Terror replaces bassist
6/23/2017 Hatebreed, Madball, Terror, Power Trip tour dates (Europe)
3/27/2017 This Is Hardcore 2017 announced
3/9/2017 Terror, God's Hate tour dates
3/6/2017 Terror, Wisdom In Chains tour dates (Europe)
3/1/2017 Sound And Fury Fest 2017 adds more bands
2/24/2017 Terror to release new EP in April
2/10/2017 Black N' Blue Bowl 2017 set for May
1/17/2017 United Blood Fest 2017 announced
1/13/2017 Terror, Born From Pain announce Europe tour dates
12/6/2016 Terror sign with Pure Noise Records, prepare new EP
10/21/2016 Terror recording new EP
7/19/2016 Terror cancel European tour, drop off This Is Hardcore
7/13/2016 Terror frontman Scott Vogel sidelined with injury
5/2/2016 Terror announces summer European tour
4/22/2016 Terror, Power Trip, Harm's Way set for U.S. tour
3/28/2016 This Is Hardcore 2016 lineup announced
2/22/2016 Terror announces European tour dates
1/16/2016 Rain Fest ending, final lineup announced
1/4/2016 Terror now record label free agents
12/16/2015 Hardcore supergroup (Terror, Judge, etc.) debut new song
10/25/2015 The Ghost Inside frontman 'jumped' over Tweet
10/7/2015 Terror, Wisdom In Chains, Twitching Tongues UK tour
9/10/2015 Ignite, Terror, H2O, Iron Reagan tour (Europe)
9/8/2015 Terror, Code Orange, Take Offense, Malfunction tour
7/13/2015 Terror frontman still healing; band cancels tour
6/16/2015 Terror's Scott Vogel has 'disc problem' in back
6/13/2015 Terror frontman injures back, leaves tour
6/9/2015 Terror, Bane, Turnstile, Backtrack tour
4/29/2015 Terror, Expire to tour Europe this summer
4/6/2015 Terror, Bane, Turnstile, Backtrack tour rumored
2/23/2015 The Story So Far, Four Year Strong, Terror tour
2/20/2015 Spring Fling III lineup announced
1/19/2015 United Blood Fest 2015 lineup announced
1/5/2015 Terror recording new album
12/18/2014 Skate And Surf Festival 2015 lineup announced
12/3/2014 Terror, Nails, Risk It tour (Europe)
11/13/2014 Stick To Your Guns detail new album, Disobedient
9/25/2014 Terror working on new album
8/2/2014 Terror re-releasing old records through new label
6/4/2014 Terror, Comeback Kid, STYG, etc. tour (Europe)
2/7/2014 Terror, Deez Nuts announce European tour
1/30/2014 Terror among new additions to Warped Tour 2014
1/28/2014 Swiss man dies after stage dive at Terror show
1/10/2014 Stick To Your Guns, Terror, Hundredth tour dates
12/18/2013 A Day To Remember announces Self Help Fest
12/18/2013 Today's Mixtape Festival 2014 lineup announced
12/2/2013 Southeast Beast Festival lineup takes shape
11/29/2013 Stick To Your Guns, Terror, Hundredth, Expire tour
9/24/2013 Suicidal Tendencies, Terror, Trash Talk tour
8/16/2013 Terror, Counterparts, Power Trip, tour dates
8/6/2013 Terror, Fucked Up, Code Orange Kids tour dates
7/31/2013 Madball, Terror tour (South America)
6/26/2013 East Coast Tsunami 2013 lineup announced
5/14/2013 Terror drops off Lamb of God tour
5/2/2013 The All Stars Tour 2013 dates announced
4/4/2013 The All Stars Tour 2013 lineup announced
3/20/2013 Lamb of God, Decapitated, Terror announce US tour
2/12/2013 Hatebreed, Every Time I Die, Terror tour dates
1/15/2013 Terror signs with Victory Records
12/21/2012 Tough Love Fest II lineup announced
12/20/2012 Terror, H2O, Backtrack, Code Orange Kids tour
12/14/2012 Terror, Xibalba tour (Japan)
10/3/2012 Madball, Terror, Comeback Kid tour (Europe)
8/1/2012 Terror cancels Czech show to support Randy Blythe
4/20/2012 Terror tour (Australia)
4/17/2012 Scion Rock Fest 2012 lineup takes shape
4/5/2012 Sound and Fury Fest 2012 lineup takes shape
4/5/2012 Terror, Bane, Naysayer, Rotting Out tour
3/26/2012 Terror to release 'Live By The Code' this year
3/12/2012 Terror and B9 announce retrospective live release
12/14/2011 Every Time I Die, Terror, Stray From The Path tour
12/7/2011 Terror working on new album
10/18/2011 Eulogy Recs signs On Bodies (ex-Terror, etc.)
10/18/2011 Thick As Blood prepares new album
10/12/2011 Terror, Cruel Hand tour dates
8/31/2011 Terror details forthcoming DVD
8/16/2011 Acacia Strain, Terror, Stray From The Path dates
8/14/2011 On Bodies (ex-Terror, As Friends Rust) launched
8/8/2011 Acacia Strain, Terror, Stray From The Path tour
8/2/2011 Terror shoots new video
4/14/2011 S.O.S. (Terror, etc.) to release debut in June
3/15/2011 Terror, Stick To Your Guns announce more dates
3/1/2011 Terror, Stick To Your Guns, Your Demise tour
11/9/2010 Terror, First Blood, Lionheart tour (Europe)
8/30/2010 Acacia Strain, Red Chord, Terror, Gaza tour
6/17/2010 Terror album set for release
6/10/2010 Bleeding Through, Terror, etc. mini-tour
5/21/2010 Terror, Grave Maker, Foundation tour
4/14/2010 Terror recording new album
3/31/2010 H2O, Terror tour (South America)
3/18/2010 ETID, Terror, All Shall Perish, etc. tour (UK)
3/9/2010 Terror, Hour Of The Wolf mini-tour
12/18/2009 Terror writing new full-length
11/19/2009 Emmure, Terror, After The Burial, etc. dates
11/9/2009 The Mosh Lives Tour II announced
7/28/2009 Terror tour dates (Asia, Australia)
7/13/2009 Winds Of Plague, Terror tour (Japan)
5/18/2009 10 for $10 hardcore summer tour
1/18/2009 Terror guitarist leaves band
1/14/2009 Emmure, Winds Of Plague, Terror, etc. tour
1/5/2009 Terror tour schedule
12/17/2008 Terror, Maximum Penalty mini-tour
9/24/2008 Terror parts ways with bassist
9/21/2008 Terror, As Blood Runs Black, etc. tour dates
8/6/2008 Persistence Tour 2008 (Europe)
6/4/2008 Terror, Warriors, Death Before Dishonor tour
3/25/2008 Terror signs w/ Century Media Records
3/22/2008 Terror seeks extras for video shoot
2/27/2008 Terror completes new album
2/4/2008 Ignite, Terror, Strung Out tour (Europe)
1/10/2008 Earth Crisis tour dates
12/22/2007 Earth Crisis, Terror, Shai Hulud, etc. tour
12/20/2007 Superbowl of Hardcore 2008 announced
12/19/2007 Terror prepares new album
10/21/2007 Terror, Mind Piece tour dates
9/12/2007 Chimaira, Kataklysm, Terror tour
6/17/2007 Terror tour dates (Europe)
5/11/2007 Terror prepares new MCD
5/10/2007 Madball, Terror, 100 Demons tour
3/22/2007 Terror drummer starts record label
3/21/2007 Hatebreed, Terror, God Forbid, etc. tour
2/10/2007 Terror, Full Blown Chaos, etc. tour (Europe)
12/19/2006 Terror, Warriors, All Shall Perish, etc. dates
12/13/2006 Terror, The Warriors, All Shall Perish tour
11/20/2006 Terror tour dates (UK)
10/10/2006 Terror and Set Your Goals tour
9/24/2006 Rich Thurston (ex-Terror) prepares for MMA fight
9/23/2006 Terror cancels several shows
8/28/2006 Sick Of It All, Madball, Terror tour (Europe)
8/17/2006 Terror shoots new video
8/15/2006 Sanctity Of Brothers tour (Unearth, etc.)
5/15/2006 Terror, Death Before Dishonor, TTEOTD tour
4/26/2006 Terror and Death Before Dishonor tour
4/12/2006 Terror news and notes
3/13/2006 Terror finish album, announce new bassist
3/3/2006 Terror and Ringworm dates
12/16/2005 Terror lose bassist
12/3/2005 Terror to release DVD
10/17/2005 Terror prepare new album
10/5/2005 Terror, Donnybrook, Blacklisted tour (Europe)
9/19/2005 Bury Your Dead, Terror, SOT, etc. tour
9/3/2005 Terror, The Banner, Donnybrook dates
9/2/2005 Terror news and notes
7/6/2005 Terror news and notes
5/11/2005 Converge, Terror, etc. tour (Canada)
4/23/2005 Terror, Comeback Kid, MLIW, etc. dates
4/5/2005 Trustkill to reissue Terror debut
3/21/2005 Terror, Comeback Kid, etc. tour
2/18/2005 Terror, Remembering Never, etc. dates
10/9/2004 Hatebreed, Terror, No Warning, etc. dates
9/27/2004 Agnostic Front and Terror European tour
9/19/2004 First Blood update
9/14/2004 Terror ready to shoot video
8/4/2004 Unearth, Terror, BDM, etc. tour
7/21/2004 Terror sidelined by injury
7/4/2004 Terror, Sick Of It All, etc. tour
4/22/2004 Terror signs with Trustkill Records
3/14/2004 Stretch Arm Strong, Terror, BTBAM tour
2/29/2004 Terror, The Promise, etc. dates
1/13/2004 Terror news and notes
1/12/2004 The Promise tour schedule
1/11/2004 Remembering Never, Calico System, etc. tour
9/2/2003 Terror working on new full-length
7/24/2003 Every Time I Die tour schedule
6/5/2003 Throwdown, Terror, and ETID tour
4/30/2003 MPB, Terror, The Takeover tour dates
3/24/2003 Terror, Ramallah, Ringworm mini-tour
3/5/2003 Most Precious Blood, Sworn Enemy dates
2/25/2003 Terror and Rich Thurston part ways
2/11/2003 Terror lines up tours, postpones recording
2/10/2003 Caliban, Terror, Biohazard to tour Europe
2/6/2003 Madball west coast mini-tour dates
1/20/2003 Terror music video in the works
12/12/2002 Terror, The Promise, ADFES tour dates
9/26/2002 18 Visions, Terror, Throwdown tour dates
9/11/2002 Terror signs w/ Bridge Nine Records
9/5/2002 Rich Thurston joins Terror
7/18/2002 Terror prepares for tour, new seven inch
6/5/2002 Terror looking for additional guitarist
4/17/2002 Info on Buried Alive vocalist's new band

News Tidbits
5/25/2021 Hatebreed guitarist Frank Novinec (ex-Ringworm, Terror) was our guest on the latest Lambgoat podcast episode
9/14/2020 this crucial hardcore album was released 10 years ago today
4/3/2019 Terror share new video
1/4/2019 Terror releases new music video
11/30/2018 new Terror music video
9/24/2018 Terror premieres new track
1/13/2018 Multi-camera footage of Terror's full This Is Hardcore 2017 set has been uploaded.
4/21/2017 The new Terror EP can now be streamed in its entirety.
4/5/2017 A new Terror track is available online.
3/23/2017 A new Terror song and music video is now online.
1/19/2017 Terror has released a music video for their song "Deep Rooted."
10/5/2016 A new Terror track titled "Other Worlds" is available for streaming.
5/20/2016 Terror has released a video for their song "No Time For Fools."
2/2/2016 Hardcore collective World Be Free (Terror, Gorilla Biscuits, Strife, etc.) has launched a full stream of their debut album.
11/19/2015 Terror's new video for "Sick and Tired" has made its online debut.
8/6/2015 The new Terror album can now be streamed in its entirety.
7/31/2015 Terror has premiered a video for another new song from their forthcoming LP.
7/10/2015 Terror has debuted a music video for a new track from their upcoming album, The 25th Hour.
5/18/2015 Terror has premiered the first new song from their upcoming album, The 25th Hour.
2/4/2015 Veteran band manager Biggie (Every Time I Die, Terror) just did an informative podcast. Listen to it.
1/10/2015 Video footage of Scott Vogel (Terror) and Brendan Yates (Turnstile) recording guest vocals on the latest New Found Glory album is now online.
10/6/2014 Terror's new video for "Cold Truth" has made its online debut.
7/26/2014 It looks like Scott Vogel has made amends with The Ghost Inside.
7/8/2014 Terror has premiered a new music video.
3/28/2014 Here's some video of Terror performing in Denver, CO this week. Shitty audio, but maximum stage dives.
1/16/2014 Terror's new video for "Hard Lessons" has made its online debut.
8/23/2013 The lineup for Soundwave 2014 has been announced.
7/24/2013 Terror frontman Scott Vogel chooses Six Songs To Die With.
7/15/2013 Terror's new video for "I'm Only Stronger" is now online.
5/15/2013 A live video of Terror performing "Hard Lessons" is available online.
4/19/2013 The new Terror album, Live By The Code, has debuted at #146 on the Billboard 200.
4/3/2013 Terror has unveiled their new music video for "The Most High."
3/25/2013 Terror has previewed another track from their new album.
3/18/2013 Terror has posted a portion of their new song, "Shot of Reality."
3/1/2013 Terror and Goatwhore have been added to the New England Metal & Hardcore Fest 2013 lineup.
2/18/2013 Terror's music video for "Live By The Code" has made its online debut.
2/12/2013 Terror has premiered the title track of their forthcoming album, Live By The Code.
11/28/2012 Terror has debuted a new song called "Hard Lessons."
10/23/2012 Terror frontman Scott Vogel isn't a fan of The Ghost Inside.
8/25/2012 Video of full sets from Earth Crisis, Terror, and Ringworm at the 2012 This Is Hardcore Fest are available online.
8/1/2012 Props to Terror for cancelling their Czech Republic gig in a show of support for Randy Blythe.
6/8/2012 The full, uncut version of Terror's previously released documentary is available online.
4/6/2012 A trailer has been uploaded for Terror's forthcoming live CD/DVD release.
1/23/2012 Terror has released a music video for "The New Blood."
10/28/2011 Yet another trailer for the forthcoming Terror DVD has been uploaded.
9/30/2011 Terror has posted another trailer for their new DVD.
9/8/2011 Terror has uploaded a trailer for their forthcoming DVD.
8/24/2011 Terror's new video for "You're Caught" can be seen here.
8/15/2011 Terror has unveiled a brief teaser for their forthcoming "You're Caught" video.
3/8/2011 If you 'Like' Terror on Facebook you can view their new video for "Return to Strength."
1/10/2011 Terror's video for the song "Keepers of the Faith" is now online.
9/22/2010 The new Terror album, "Keepers Of The Faith," sold roughly 2,500 copies in its debut week.
9/16/2010 Terror has debuted a new live video for the song "Stick Tight."
8/17/2010 Terror has unveiled a second track from their new full-length.
6/30/2010 A new Terror song is now available online.
3/17/2009 A live video for Terror's "Rise of The Poisoned Youth" can be seen here.
12/8/2008 Terror's new video for "Betrayer" is now available online.
11/20/2008 Terror's cover of the Subzero track, "Boxed In," can be heard here.
10/16/2008 Terror has uploaded a video consisting of footage from their summer tour.
7/18/2008 Terror's new video for "Never Alone" can be seen here.
5/20/2008 Another new Terror track is now available online.
4/4/2008 Terror has posted a track from their Century Media Records debut.
10/4/2007 Terror has posted a track from their forthcoming EP, "Rhythm Amongst The Chaos."
8/27/2007 Terror and Chimaira will tour the U.S. together in November and December. Dates forthcoming.
9/21/2006 Terror's new video for "Lost" is now online.
6/15/2006 A track from Terror's upcoming album is now online.
4/18/2006 A trailer for Terror's "The Living Proof" DVD is now online.
10/15/2005 Terror's new video for "Keep Your Mouth Shut" is now online.
10/2/2005 Terror, Blacklisted, and Donnybrook will tour Europe together in January/February 2006.
4/29/2005 You may have heard about the near-riot at the Terror show last night in Pittsburgh. Check out a video report <a href="http://kdka.dayport.com/viewer/viewerpage.php?Art_ID=7913&tf=video_player.t
12/9/2004 The new Terror video for the track "Overcome" is now available online here.
9/21/2004 Hatebreed and Terror will be touring the US together from 11/24 until 12/20.
6/15/2004 Check out the Terror ecard for their new album here.
6/5/2004 Sick Of It All, Terror, and Time In Malta will be touring together for several weeks in July and August.
4/16/2004 Terror has completed their new album (and ********* Records debut), which features thirteen songs and is titled "One With The Underdogs."

7/18/2013 Scott Vogel (Terror): Six Songs To Die With

4/10/2014 Stick To Your Guns guitarist Josh James
3/24/2007 Scott Vogel (Terror) interview

5/24/2021 Frank Novinec of Hatebreed, Ringworm, & Terror

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