Sworn In news


8/9/2018Video: Sworn In play Italian restaurant in Buffalo, NY
7/1/2017A new Sworn In music video has made its online debut.
6/15/2017Sworn In has debuted a new song and video.
5/19/2017A second new Sworn In track is now online.
8/18/2016A new Sworn In song and music video is available online.
4/7/2015A full stream of the new Sworn In album is available online.
3/30/2015Yet another new Sworn In song is now online.
3/17/2015Another new Sworn In track is now online.
3/2/2015Sworn In has premiered another song from their upcoming LP.
2/12/2015Sworn In has released a new song titled "Sunshine."
1/28/2015Jared Dines is back with some more alternative genre names, and this time he's got Emmure, Sworn In, and Beartooth in his sights.
10/7/2014Sworn In has debuted a music video for "Mindless."
3/23/2014Remember the so-called Sworn In parody band, Sworn Out? They've debuted their first song.
3/15/2014Sworn Out t-shirts have Sworn In swearing.
2/25/2014Sworn In has debuted their new music video for "Dead Soul."
8/28/2013Sworn In's new album, The Death Card, has debuted at #184 on the Billboard 200.
7/31/2013Sworn In's lyric video for new song "Hypocrisy" has made its online debut.
7/19/2013Sworn In has debuted a song from their upcoming album.


9/16/2019Sworn In announce West Coast tour dates
9/13/2019Sworn In return with new track
8/20/2019Sworn In, Loathe to tour Japan
9/6/2018Sworn In announces West Coast tour dates
6/12/2018For The Fallen Dreams announce 'Changes' 10-year tour
6/11/2018iMatter Fest 2018 lineup takes shape
4/17/2018Sworn In, Revenge Season tour dates
3/15/2018Sworn In working on new album
2/15/2018Sworn In tour dates
1/22/2018Texas Independence Fest 2018 announced
6/15/2017Emmure, Deez Nuts, Chelsea Grin, more to tour Europe
5/18/2017Sworn In album set for release, new song online
3/22/2017Warped Tour 2017 lineup announced
3/20/2017Sworn In signs with Fearless Records
1/23/2017Like Moths To Flames, Sworn In tour dates
9/16/2016Sworn In, My Enemies And I tour dates
6/17/2016Architects cancel North American tour
4/27/2016Architects, Counterparts, Sworn In tour announced
4/26/2016Architects to tour U.S. with Counterparts, Sworn In
3/30/2016Atreyu announce 10th anniversary 'Death-Grip' tour
3/9/2016Memphis May Fire, We Came As Romans, Miss May I tour
3/8/2016Sworn In guitarist quits band
8/19/2015Escape The Fate, A Skylit Drive, Sworn In tour
4/13/2015Mayhem Festival 2015 lineup, dates announced
4/12/2015Frankie Palmeri not healed; Emmure cancels tour
3/25/2015Sworn In vocalist leaves tour
3/19/2015Mayhem Festival 2015 full lineup leak
3/16/2015Young man dies at Chelsea Grin, Carnifex, etc show
2/26/2015Black Tongue cancels U.S. tour
2/18/2015Sworn In announces new album
2/4/2015Sworn In, The Plot In You, I Declare War tour
1/23/2015Emmure, Caliban, Thy Art Is Murder tour (Europe)
12/15/2014Chelsea Grin, Carnifex, Sworn In tour
8/18/2014Attila, Crown The Empire, Sworn In tour
7/15/2014Emmure, The Acacia Strain tour in the works?
7/7/2014Structures denied entry into US; tour in jeopardy
6/12/2014The Acacia Strain, Structures, Sworn In tour dates
5/14/2014The All Stars Tour 2014 tour dates
5/13/2014The All Stars Tour 2014 lineup announced
3/18/2014Sworn In tour (Europe)
3/10/2014Sworn In's trailer struck by uninsured driver
3/4/2014Thy Art Is Murder, Sworn In mini-tour (Canada)
1/10/2014NEMHF 2014 adds Acacia Strain, Carnifex, more
1/7/2014Emmure, Volumes, Thy Art Is Murder tour announced
12/21/2013Emmure, Volumes, Thy Art Is Murder, Sworn In tour
12/9/2013Tough Love Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
11/20/2013Sworn In drops off Bleeding Through tour
11/12/2013TOTA, Shai Hulud, Sworn In, Sirens & Sailors tour
11/12/2013Vanna, State Champs, Sworn In holiday mini-tour
10/17/2013This Or The Apocalypse, Shai Hulud, Sworn In tour
9/25/2013Within The Ruins, Sworn In, Legion tour dates
9/24/2013Gideon, Close Your Eyes, Sworn In tour dates
9/5/2013Bleeding Through, Winds Of Plague, Oceano tour
7/24/2013Sworn In addresses leak of new album
7/22/2013Sworn In kicks out bassist
7/22/2013Oceano, Sworn In, Reflections, Adestria tour dates
6/25/2013Sworn In set to release debut album
5/9/2013Razor & Tie signs Sworn In
4/4/2013For The Fallen Dreams, Hundredth, Sworn In tour
4/3/2013Sworn In guitarist leaves band
3/22/2013Gideon, Thick As Blood, Sworn In mini-tour
12/12/2012King Conquer, Adaliah, Sworn In tour
9/25/2012Sworn In, Dweller tour dates