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Sunn O)))

10/26/2023 Sunn O))) release pair of new singles "Ron G Warrior" and "Evil Chuck"
10/11/2023 Sunn O))) collaborates with Sub Pop Records to release 7 inch
9/14/2023 Sunn O))) Announce Shoshin (初心) Duo Performances scheduled for later this year
10/7/2022 Sunn O))) members announce Shoshin (初心) duo U.S tour dates
9/4/2019 Sunn O))) to release new album 'Pyroclasts' in October
6/16/2019 Sunn O))) tour dates
2/6/2019 Sunn O))) announce new album 'Life Metal'
9/13/2018 The Power Of The Riff to return in November
4/5/2018 Sunn O))), Pelican members launch band, stream demo
2/23/2018 Psycho Las Vegas 2018 lineup announced
12/20/2016 Sunn O))) announces North America tour dates
2/4/2016 Sunn O))) tour dates
10/28/2015 Record Store Day 2015 releases announced
9/30/2015 Sunn O))) to release new studio album
5/12/2014 Southwest Terror Fest 2014 lineup announced
11/18/2013 Sunn O))), Ulver announce collaborative release
10/24/2012 Sunn O))), Loincloth, Dead In The Dirt tour dates
10/23/2012 Power of the Riff to include High on Fire, Sunn
9/2/2012 Sunn O))) cancels Australia tour with Pelican
8/14/2012 Sunn O))), Pelican tour (Australia)
7/19/2012 Sunn O))) tour dates
6/29/2012 The Power of the Riff 'East' announced
2/3/2012 Sunn O))) tour dates (Europe)
7/26/2009 Sunn O))), Eagle Twin tour dates
6/24/2009 Sunn O))), The Accused tour dates
6/7/2009 Sunn 0))) tour dates
2/13/2009 Sunn O))) set to release new album
8/27/2007 Sunn 0))) mini-tour (Northwest)
5/25/2007 Sunn 0))), Earth, Weedeater mini-tour
10/27/2006 Sunn 0))) members to host NYC event
9/8/2006 Soundgarden contributes to Sunn 0)))/Boris release
4/5/2006 Sunn 0))) tour dates
12/28/2005 Sunn 0))) and Earth tour (Europe)
11/18/2005 Sunn 0))) mini-tour (East Coast)
9/16/2005 Sunn 0))), Boris, and Thrones mini-tour

News Tidbits
10/2/2019 Sunn O))) premiere new song
11/30/2015 The upcoming Sunn O))) album can now be streamed in its entirety.
2/3/2014 The new Sunn O))) and Ulver collaboration can now be streamed in its entirety.
12/10/2013 Sunn O))) and Ulver have uploaded the first audio sample of their forthcoming collaboration.

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