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6/9/2021 Structures return with new track and video
6/4/2021 Structures tease comeback
8/4/2017 Counterparts, Fit For An Autopsy, etc. 'supergroup' debut song
10/16/2016 Counterparts, Fit For An Autopsy, Structures 'supergroup'
1/29/2015 Volumes, Structures band Vol/Tures recording songs
12/6/2014 Villains denied entry into Canada; to miss tour
10/17/2014 Structures going on indefinite hiatus
7/12/2014 Structures off The All Stars Tour, Sylar on
7/7/2014 Structures denied entry into US; tour in jeopardy
6/12/2014 The Acacia Strain, Structures, Sworn In tour dates
5/14/2014 The All Stars Tour 2014 tour dates
5/13/2014 The All Stars Tour 2014 lineup announced
4/5/2014 Structures announce new album; song debuted
3/27/2014 Structures, Counterparts, Betrayal tour dates
3/5/2014 Texas In July, Structures, Elitist tour
9/16/2013 Veil of Maya, Structures, Northlane tour dates
9/9/2013 Veil of Maya, Structures, Vildhjarta, etc. tour
9/9/2013 Structures set to record new album
9/4/2013 Veil of Maya, Structures, Northlane tour?
6/26/2013 Every Time I Die, Structures tour dates
5/2/2013 The All Stars Tour 2013 dates announced
4/4/2013 The All Stars Tour 2013 lineup announced
1/24/2013 Structures, Texas In July tour (Canada)
7/6/2012 Parkway Drive, Emmure, Word Alive tour (Europe)
6/1/2012 Architects, Structures tour (Canada)
2/11/2012 Veil of Maya, Vildhjarta, Volumes tour (Europe)
12/12/2011 Whitechapel, Miss May I, After The Burial tour
12/3/2011 Stray From The Path, Cruel Hand, Structures tour
11/18/2011 Structures forced to cancel several shows
9/30/2011 Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, Carnifex tour
9/20/2011 Born Of Osiris to headline U.S. tour
6/11/2011 Sumerian Records signs Structures
5/24/2011 CFTG, Contortionist, Scale The Summit tour
12/14/2010 For Today, Stray From The Path dates (Canada)
9/7/2010 Arsonists Get All The Girls announce tour
6/8/2010 Architects, Structures tour dates (Canada)
5/12/2010 Within The Ruins, TWWK, Woe Of Tyrants tour
4/2/2010 Misery Signals tour dates (Canada)

News Tidbits
2/3/2015 15 seconds of new music from Volumes and Structures collaboration Vol/Tures can be heard online.
6/20/2014 Structures' new video for "Earth Gazing" has made its online debut.
5/8/2014 Structures has premiered a new song featuring Northlane vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes.
7/10/2012 Structures' new music video for "Paralyzed___" has made its online debut.

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